14″ Human Hair Clip In Extensions (8 pcs) by POP :: Put On Pieces


Just like the pic above, I almost get the same final appearance.  Of course, I only mean the length and its softness since I chose the one in dark brown.

I bought one pack of this kind of clip in hair extensions. It blent into my natural hair, forming a hairstyle which was neither too thin nor too thick. The quality of the hair extensions was just as same as my own hair. It is said that the extensions can be dyed, cleaned, curled, and straightened, but I never applied any chemical treatment to it. Our natural hair will alao be damaged if enduring a lot chemical or heating treatment, hair extensions will get damaged easier, in order to keep a set long lasting hair extensions, I know that I have to take good care of it if I do not want to spend another $199.95 to get another set.

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