16″ Human Hair Clip In Color Strips (1pc) by POP :: Put On Pieces


The reason why I bought this extensions was that I was tired of solid hair color and wanted to add something chic to my natural hair.  I bought two pics of this extensions. The  hair seemed to be human hair as so far I found everything went well. No frizz and no color fading and still keeping in place.  Fast delivery & sweet customer service. Love it.


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24 Inch Characteristic Two Colors Ombre Clip In Remy Hair Extensions Body Wave 9pcs



I like it the best, from its color, its softness, its long lasting, its delivery to its customer service.

It took me five days to receive my hair, just like what the customer service staff – Grace promised.  I liked its customer service for that Grace replied me rapidly and gave me detailed answer. When I received the hair, she also emailed me asking if there are anything dissatisfying.  Besides, along with the hair I ordered, I got 4 clips as well so that I could have some to replace if the clips attached is broken one day. The hair is soft and in good luster, just looking like my natural hair and blending seamlessly with my natural hair. Thumbs up for Hair Plus Base.

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Legally Blonde – 20″ Ultimate Volume Clip In Hair Extensions


Among all my extensions, I like Clip in the best as Clip in hair extensions is the most convenient one compared with others. This clip in hair extensions I bought from Hair Secrets was acceptable, neither good nor bad. Of course its quality was good–soft and shiny hair, tiny clips, detangle free,  well matching to its price $209.00. I think the quality is proportional to price. If you are looking for high quality extensions, you should have a big budget. For me, this extensions meet my requirement.

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Braided Pony by Hothair


Just show off my favorite Braided Ponytail. I have been searching for ponytail extensions since I shortened my long straight hair. Compared with simply clip in ponytail hair extensions, I like this one better as I think the former one is more suitable for wavy hair.

I like this extensions a lot. It has five fish tail braids and a long strip of hair, making my ponytail more stunning, rather than a dull ponytail. It also has a comb which is used to be inserted into the top of ponytail between my head and the elastic band, securing the ponytail extensions. Besides, the long strip of hair which is used to wrap around the ponytail help secure the ponytail and conceal the trace of the extensions and comb, adding the illusion of natural hair and making a stylish look.

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Love the curly so much. I ordered these clip in hair extensions after much thought and research because I suffer from thinning hair. I got the extensions 5 days after my placing order. The extensions blend so well with my own hair and I can do just about anything with them. I absolutely love them and the great customer service that came with them. Thanks so much for this amazing product and for giving “this girl” some of confidence back!

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16″ Remy Clip In Hair Extensions

16 Remy Clip-2T

I ordered this 16″ Remy Clip In Hair Extensions  from hairextensionstore.biz. After a week and a half later when I still hadn’t received them, I emailed them asking if its normal for them to take this long to come in the mail. They emailed me back stating that they are waiting on the stock because they actually didn’t have it! WHY LET PEOPLE ORDER THEM IF THEY AREN’T IN STOCK!! After 2 weeks waiting for them, I emailed again asking if they were on their way. I got an email stating they were sent.. 3 weeks later I was told that  its supposed to be No.60 (very blonde) and I got yellow hair instead!! I am absolutely furious!! I specifically bought them for a special occasions I had to attend and I didn’t even get to wear them!! I will NEVER buy from this business again! Disgusting!


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24″ 7 Piece Silky Straight Clip In Human Hair Extension – Bleach White Blonde(#613)


It is my second hair extensions. My first set is micro loop hair extensions but I don’t want it on my hair all the time.  I read lots of information about clip in hair extensions and learned that it is easy to apply and remove.

Concerning this set, I think everything goes well–the hair, the clips and the delivery. The quality is like my former extensions, but this one is much cheaper and I even don’t need a hairdresser to apply them, saving certain amount of money.



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18″ Salon Special Set, 175g


The Hair:
I got their 18″ Salon Special Set, 175g. Compared some extensions I bought from other shops, the hair was a little dry. The set has 8 pieces, and I like the clips for that they can secure into my natural hair without making me uneasy.
How long they last:
I have kept it for 4 months since I got it. I often wore it so I washed it once two weeks.

Shipping and Customer Service:

The delivery is acceptable, taking me 9days to reveive my hair.  The owner was so nice. She helped me choose my shade.

Overall & Price:

I am not sure if it is just my set that was dry. I would be willing to try them out again in the future. It costed me $229.99 excluding shipping fee.


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I have to admit that I was hesitant about making the purchase at the beginning as I was afraid that it wouldn’t look natural or that i’ve over paid for something sub-bar. But that was not how it turned out. In fact, the delevery was promt and the hair looked amazing. It smelled fresh, just like the one washed freshly. I couldn’t wait to apply them to my natural hair.  I got long and voluminous hair in no minute. It blended  lovely with my natural hair. When I was out with them, almost no one questioned whether it was my hair or not. Of course those who know me very well know how my hair looked like all the time. No doubt that I like this clip in hair extensions so much.



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Clip in hair extensions 18″ (45cm) – straight color #1b black


This set of clip in hair extensions are just so-so, neither good or bad. It weighs  115g and it is 18 inches long with a price of $120. So I can not require more basing on its price. The hair is soft, but a little frizz.  After wearing several times, some falls out from the clips. Of cource, it is not as shiny as the one in the image above. Except for the quality, other things are OK, like the 7 days delivery and fast reply customer service.


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