14″ Human Hair Clip In Extensions (8 pcs) by POP :: Put On Pieces


Just like the pic above, I almost get the same final appearance.  Of course, I only mean the length and its softness since I chose the one in dark brown.

I bought one pack of this kind of clip in hair extensions. It blent into my natural hair, forming a hairstyle which was neither too thin nor too thick. The quality of the hair extensions was just as same as my own hair. It is said that the extensions can be dyed, cleaned, curled, and straightened, but I never applied any chemical treatment to it. Our natural hair will alao be damaged if enduring a lot chemical or heating treatment, hair extensions will get damaged easier, in order to keep a set long lasting hair extensions, I know that I have to take good care of it if I do not want to spend another $199.95 to get another set.

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Bobby Glam Wrap Around Ponytail Hair Extensions


Love this wrap around ponytail hair extensions soooo much.  How do I feel about its quality? Silky soft, tangle free, lucidus. I think these three terms can express it very well.

In the past, I was quite upset about my thin ponytail. You know, I almost wear ponytail everyday. Last several months, I was introduced by my friends to buy a set of clip in hair extensions. Although with the help of clip in hair extensions, I could  also have beautiful hair, I found it a little difficult to adjust to wearing this kind of extensions, especially when I wear sleek ponytail.

But luckily, the coming out of wrap around ponytail hair extensions solve my hair once and for all. I can easily have a voluminous ponytail by this way.  All in all, I like it so much.

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Beige Blonde Seamless Tape In Hair extensions Review


I chose this set of tape in hair extensions because I was persuaded by a video introducing how to apply tape in hair extensions and I liked the final result a lot.

The tape in hair extensions contains 20 pieces and the total weight is 50 grams. Thus I needed to buy two packs to make a fuller hair look. I think it is worth buying the extensions at the price of $129.99 considering its quality.—Soft, tangle free, and lustrous hair.  I had the extensions applied by a stylist and I almost got the result like what I saw on the video.

I don’t know how long the extensions will last because I only keep it for several weeks. But according to the situation that the extensions is still in good condition, I think it will last for a long time. Thumb up to the extensions.

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16″ easiLites Human Hair Clip In Color (1 pc) by easihair Review


I like this collection of clip-in highlights and lowlights. The extensions are produced with protein rich 100% human hair and are available in 11 colors. I bought pink, lilac, and blue respectively to do my colorful highlights. The hair is soft and full of luster to blend so well with my natural hair, offering me a stunning hairstyle for night outs. Apart from the straight style, I also curl my natural hair and the clip in extensions to make a more stylish hairstyle. After I got the extensions, I have straightened and curled them for several times, but the extensions are still in good condition.

I bought each piece at the price of $8.95. Taking their quality into consideration, I think the price is acceptable.

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613/27 Golden blonde mix Review


Although the product pic above looks attractive, the hair I received was not the same. Yes, I have to admit that I got the right color, but it seemed to be dull, not that of luster.

There are still some good points concerning this set of clip in hair extensions. The hair is soft and tangle free, the clips are good designed, the delivery is fast. It offered me an illusion that all the hair were mine when I installed the extensions. The customer service on the site is quite good for that I got replies so quickly.

Of course, the price is a little bit high. I bought it at the price of $249, the most expensive extensions I have had.

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Piccolina 120g 18″ Chestnut Brown (6)


I was attracted by one of my favourite Hollywood star’s review to buy hair extensions on this site. Of course, I got no disappointment.

The hair was so soft and tangle free to blend so well with my natural hair. I curled it to body wave and the after look of my hair fascinated me deeply. Wow, I have never had a head of gorgeous hair like this before. Most amazingly, no one could  tell that I wores hair extensions, even my families. Because I bought clip in hair extensions, so I can take them off at will.

I feel so satisfied that I can get hair extensions which are of so high quality at the price of $109.99.

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#30 Medium Auburn Clip In Hair Extensions Straight CR0017 Review


I so regretted that I bought this set of clip in hair extensions because of its low price. For me, it was wasteful to get the hair even at the price of $53.99 since I once put on it once and then threw it in the basement.

The hair just looked so fake, and it did not match my natural hair at all. Besides this most annoying problem, I was so “amused” by its poor quality clips which dragged my hair hard. I once thought about returning the item but it took me a long time to negotiate with its customer service, so I gave up. I SWORE THAT I WILL NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS ONLINE SHOP.

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22 Inch #4 Medium Brown Curly Indian Remy Hair Wefts Review


I find no reason to deny that this pack of hair wefts satisfies my requirement a lot. For me, two packs of these Indian remy hair wefts make me a fuller hair look, just like the effect on the picture above, adding me more chances to turn heads. The hair is so soft and full of luster. I can not find some frizziness till now, so I think the hair should be remy human hair.

The delivery is satisfying as well as it only takes me 5 days to receive my hair.

When it comes to its price, I think it is worth buying a pack of 22 inch Indian remy human hair in such good quality at a price of $99.95.

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Brazilian Remy Hair Straight Ombre Hair Weave Two Tone Color BR0011


Although this set of  hair weave cost me only $74.99, it met my requirement and offered me a head of gorgeous locks, which helped me earn a plenty of compliments from my friends and colleagues. The shop owner said I may need three bundles to make a fuller hair look, but actually one bundle was enough for me.

The hair was soft and the hair color was full of luster, just like what the picture showed. I got the hair three months ago, by now, everything goes well.

I like the gift sent by the shop owner. It is a hair band, so beautiful. I quite appreciated the good job of myhairron and will visit it again if any possible.


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Beachy Blonde Clip in Hair Extensions- 613#/24inch 100% Human Remy Hair 120g Review


Not the thickness but the most satisfying clip in hair extensions I have got. After applying the extensions to my hair, I curled it using hair curler, and the final result is just as same as the one in the pic above. Although I have several sets of hair extensions, this one is the one I like the best. First, the clips make the application simple, so that I can do it all by myself, by which I save the expenditure in salon. Second, the quality of the hair, which is soft, silky, tangle free and full of lusture, can not meet my requirement more. Last but not least, the patient and detailed answers from its customer service staff solve all my questions. Last, the price of the extensions is beyond my budget.

In a word, I like the hair extensions and appreciate the service of the on-line shop. Of course, I will be a regular customer in the future.

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