18inch 10pcs Straight Distinctive Tape In Real Human Hair Extensions Violet Review


Good tape in hair extensions, wow, I like it so much.

Once received the hair, I applied part of it to my hair, to make colorful highlights. And this is the purpose I bought these extensions,

because I do not want to dye my own hair but still like stunning highlights for night outs. And the result turned out that they did not disappointed me.

And the delivery of the hair was satisfying as well. Totally it takes me 7 days to get the extensions, neither too fast nor too slow.

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28 Inch 7pcs Unobvious #1B Natural Black Clip In Remy Hair Extensions Body Wave Review


These 28 inches natural black clip in hair extensions totally are what I want. Actually, they are the cheapest hair extensions I have gotten. But their quality is acceptable, and they look exactly the same as

the other extensions of mine.

I placed the order on Tuesday, and received the hair on Friday. I liked this fast and free delivery. I remembered that I once bought a set of clip in hair extensions from other

on line store, and its 6 days order processing time annoyed me quite a lot, so I had to pushed the process again and again by email.

Speaking of these extensions, I have kept them for one month, and at present they still keep in place. Maybe it is also because I always took good care of them.


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24 Inch 9pcs Harmonious Three Tone Ombre Clip In Remy Human Hair Extensions Body Wave Review


I like this set of ombre clip in human hair extensions. It looks exactly like my own hair, and as good as my hair, soft, tangle free and lustrous.  I get a final hair appearance that is as same as the one shown on the picture above.

The shipping is fast and free. And the customer service is good. Every time I have any question, the staff, whose name is Grace, replies my question patiently and in detail.

Get the hair at the price of R1,413.14. I think it is cost-effective.


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Toffee #14 – Superior 20″ Clip In Human Hair Extensions 230g


Clip in hair extensions are always my favorite hair extensions, because I can even apply them by myself within minutes, and the final appearance is as same as the one created by other kinds of hair extensions.

Speaking of these Foxylocks 230g toffee clip in hair extensions, I like their quality. The first sight when I saw them, I total thought they wear just as same as my natural hair. And then I checked their clips and hair in detail–tangle free and supple hair, and well designed clips.

After I applied them to my hair, I found that they blent seamlessly into my natural hair and final appearance was so stunning.

I received the hair 6 days after I placed the order, and I think it is acceptable.

All in all, this is a satisfying on line shopping experience for me.

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20″ easiXtend Elite Remy Human Hair Clip In Extensions (8pcs) by easihair Review


I once bought a wig from wigs.com, and the quality of the wig was quite good. I kept it for about 2 years. So when I needed to have hair extensions, I still chose this store.

Of course, these 8 pieces clip in remy human hair extensions are of high quality, just like my natural hair. Besides, their delivery also satisfies me a lot. I placed the order on Wednesday and got the hair on Friday. I have no idea how long they will last. But referring to my last wig, I think they will also be long lasting.

Since the extensions on this store cost much more than those in other on line shops, my opinion is just for reference.

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Jet Black Clip in Hair Extensions- #1 – 20″ 100% Human Remy Hair 120g/220gr Review


I stumbled upon Zala hair and found that the store seemed to be quite credible according to its customers and funs on the facebook. So I bought this set of 20 inches jet black clip in hair extensions from the store.

Mine was 9 pieces of 22 inches, and the total weight is 220 grams. Actually, 22grams was too much for me, so I only used part of the extensions. And this was an element that maked me upset. It offerd 12ograms and 220 grams extensions, but one was not enough for me and one was too much for me.

To be honest, the quality of the hair and clips were satisfying. The hair was just like mine, and the clips helped secure the extensions into my natural hair. So if 120 grams or 220 grams meet your requirement, you can have a try on these clip in hair extensions.

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Ombre Chestnut Extensions Review


Ombre chestnut is my favorite hair color. Every time I go to a salon to dye my hair, I always choose chestnut or color close to it.  Therefore, I choose this ombre chestnut extensions. This set of 120g suit me very well, since it blends into my natural so well and I get a head of luscious locks which is neither too thick nor too thin.

In general, the hair is of high quality, except for a little messy at the hair ends.  I receive the hair 4 days  after I placed the order.

All in all, this is a satisfying purchasing experience.

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22 Inch 9pcs Fashionable Three Colors Ombre Clip In Remy Human Hair Extensions Body Wave Review


This ombre shade is what I like most, a combination of natural black, medium brown and strawberry blonde.

It is said that these clip in hair extensions are made of remy human hair. I do not know how to tell it is true or not. But they look like my natural hair. I have had them for 2 months, and so far so good. The hair still keeps in shape and no hair fading can be found.

I got the extensions at the price of R1,226.84. Considering the quality, I think they are worth buying.

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15 Inch 7pcs Clip In Human Hair Extensions Straight Attractive Lila Review


Bought these lila clip in hair extensions with the purpose of adding highlights to my natural hair. The result was fantastic.  It just looked like my dyed hair and I gave my friends and colleagues an illusion that I colored my natural hair.

The extensions looked and felt like human hair extensions–soft, tangle free and lustrous.

I got this 7 pieces set. The shop owner also sent me 3 additional clips so that I could replace some  when they are broken.

I did not know how long the extensions would last, but so far so good. I got them 2 months ago.


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Bellissima 220g 22” Strawberry Blonde (27)


I like Kylie Jenner and  Kylie Jenner cooperates with Bellami, so I support Bellami hair extensions as well.

The clip in hair extensions satisfied me with their silky soft, tangle free and lustrous hair. After I applied them to my hair and curled all the hair a little bit, I found it difficut to discover the trace of hair extensions.

But 220g was too much for me. I did not put on all the extensions. I think it will be better if the price is a little bit lower and the weight is 180g in 22″.

Speaking of its delivery, I think it is acceptable as I received the hair 5 days after order placing.

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