DIRTY BLONDE (18) 22″ Tape Extensions Review


This is my first time buying hair extensions on-line. I used to getting this type of item in high street shops and had it applied by professional stylists. But because the application at salons is expensive, I decided to choose tape in hair extensions on line. By this way I can both save the money in hair extensions and application.

But a little bit disappointing, the quality of this 22  inches dirty blonde tape in hair extensions is not as good as those I have had. The hair is soft as well. But the hair ends is a little messy and the hair appears to lack shine.

Overall, considering its price, the extensions are still worth buying.


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26″ Brazilian Virgin Hair Straight #1B Natural Black 2 Pcs


I got two pieces of 26 inches Brazilian virgin hair from this online store. For me, 100 grams hair wefts are too thin for me, so I choose two pieces.

The hair is surely human hair. It looks natural, feel soft, and is tangle free. After I applied them via clips, the hair blent well into my natural hair, making an illusion that I got all the hair naturally. Of course, I can buy clip in hair extensions directly. But a set of clip in hair extensions that weighs 200 grams and is as long as 26 inches must cost much more than those of hair wefts.  These 2 pieces of hair wefts cost me about $200, an acceptable price.

It took me 7 days to receive the hair, a speed neither fast nor slow.

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16″ Wavy easiXtend HD Clip In Extensions (5 pcs) by easihair Review


I can’t believe why synthetic hair extensions can be so expensive. In the product description, the extensions are said to be heat friendly. But when I applied heat styling to them, part of them melted. What the suck!

I admit I mistaked them for human hair extensions because of their price–$111.40. Other hair extensions I got only cost me dozens of dollors if they were 16 inches. They are too expensive and useless. I will never buy any extensions from this store.

After the information about their quality and price, I don’t think it is neccessary to mention about the delivery.

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18 Inch Body Wave Clip In Hair Extensions Classic Three Tone Ombre 9 Pieces Review


This set of 18 inches body wave clip in hair extensions meets my requirement. Before I decided to buy this, I hesitated because I was worried about the actual style of it. You know, I once bought ombre hair extensions from other on-line store, but I got the hair whose color was largely different from the pictures in the website. So my basic requirement of my ombre extensions is color-match.

Just like my natural hair, the extensions are soft and shiny, but a little dry at the hair ends.  The color matched my hair color well. When I applied the extensions to my natural hair, the trace of wearing hair extensions was indistinguishable .

I placed my order on Monday, and received my hair on Next Monday, neither fast nor slow.

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Dutch Braid Clip-On Hairpiece


This Dutch braid ponytail hair extensions is so special. I do not need to braid it by myslef and then I can have a stylish ponytail hairstyle. Only by clipping it in my thin and short ponytail, I can change my dull hairstyle into such a chic and eye-catching one.

But the claw clip is a little big, I have to make a loss ponytail to well cover the trace of wearing hair extensions.  Besides, the hair ends is a little dry.

The extensions cost me $50.00, an acceptable price.

It took me 5 days to receive the hair. I think the delivery is OK.

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32 Inch Long Salable Straight Clip In Hair Extensions #1 Jet Black 11 Pieces Larger Sets Review


It seems that only a few on-line stores selling 32 inches clip in hair extensions. That’s one of the reason for my choosing Best Hair Base.

Speaking of this set of 11 pieces jet black 32 inches clip in hair extensions, I think high quality can be one of its advantage. Just like its description on the website, it is made of premium remy human hair and the cuticles run in the same direction. The hair is soft, tangle free, and of course, shiny. It contains quite a lot hair and 32 inches is so long. Once applied, the hair blends well into my natural hair, even giving me an illusion that I have a head of voluminous hair naturally.

I think its price is not high, cost me $214.95 for 32 inches and 215 grams hair extensions.

And the delivery is satisfying.–Being free and fast.

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20″ Same Length Loose Wave 100% Indian Virgin Hair Extension Weft – Natural Black (#1B) Review


I chose this set of natural black loose wave Indian virgin hair wefts from abhair, because of its low price. This set contains 2 bundles of hair wefts and it cost me only $119.00, much cheaper than other extensions I have.

Just as its name suggests, it is virgin hair and it is completely unprocessed. When I received the extensions, it looked like my natural hair. Even though I have the extensions straighted and curled for several times,  the hair keeps in good shape. Of course, it doesn’t look like a new bundle of extensions.

I have been always taking good care of the extensions, shampooing and conditioning it often.

I have no idea how long it will last. I have had it for 2 months, and everything goes well so far.

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18 Inch Length – Luxury Grade 5A Remy Cuticle Intact Human Hair Review


I selected this set of 18 inches, 160 grams, #4 clip in hair extensions from this store. There is nothing wrong with the product itself, the hair being soft and shiny. Because the extensions is made of remy human hair, the cuticles run the same direction, making the extensions tangle free. I have straightened and curled the extensions once. So far, they still kept in good shape. I bought it about 1 month ago.

What I want to complain is the shipping delivery. It took me such a long long time to receive the hair. The customer service stuff told me the order process for customized product would took 15 to 18 business days. But in other store, even I select custom-made extensions, it only takes me about 5 days in order processing. So I can not understand why there is 15 -18 dyas matter.

The price is acceptable, costing me $169.

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18″ Purple Straight Clip In Highlight Review


I bought this set of 18″ purple clip in hair extensions to do highlights.  This package contains 6 pieces of extensions, and the hair is soft, tangle free and shiny. But the extensions look like barbie hair, so I think they are not made of human hair.

If used to add color to my natural hair, the extensions meet my requirement. But for synthetic fiber hair, the price of $34.99 is a little expensive.

Considering the overall effect when I applied the extensions, I think these extensions are acceptable, although the price is a little high.

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Black to purple mermaid colorful ombre indian remy clip in hair extensions Review


Wow, the colorful ombre Indian remy clip in hair extensions are quite expensive for me, comparing them with my other extensions. But I like their well dyed colorful ombre, which is exactly like those shown above. The hair is soft and lustrous, but except for the hair ends. Maybe because of the hair dyeing, the hair ends is a little messy and dry.

This set of 24 inches 135g clip in hair extensions cost me $216. After taking all the elments into consideration, I think the extensions should not be so expensive. But if only considering the well designed color, I think it is ok.

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