Bambina 160g 20” Vibrant Red (33) Review


I like Kylie and hair extensions. That’s why I like Bellami Hair.

I have been looking for a trustable brand of hair extensions for a long time. As I have thin hair naturally, I covet those who have full and stunning hair. These recently years I has noticed that many people, from celebrities to some of my friends always rock a head of charming hair. Generally, I made it clear that many of them achieved those hair makeover with the assistance of hair extensions. So, I became the fan of hair extensions since then.

But I also noticed that a large amount of hair extensions stores are available in the market, and it was difficult for me to tell which one was trustable. Honestly, I have been cheated by some stores that provided low quality hair extensions. Since last year, when I heard about my star Kylie joined the Bellami, I have been one of loyal customers of it. Trust me, if the hair of it is not of high quality, I would not be the frequent customer of it and would not introduce it to my friends.

Not only its premium hair extensions but also its very nice customer service attracts me a lot. I like the hair and the guys there.

Maybe for some people, the price of hair in this store is a little bit higher, when comparing it with those in other stores. But once considering the quality and service, you will find it worthy.

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Full Lace Human Hair Bob Wig Review


The full lace human wig came in a satisfying condition. I got the same hairstyle like the one in the picture above. I like the wig.

The wig  is easy to use and the size fits me very well. I can make sure ensure that it is made of real human hair as it looks beautiful and touches so soft.

Additionally, I am so pleased with its custmoer service. I would like to thanks Grace for her patient and nice replies every time.

I have kept the wig for about 2 months. So far, the hair keeps in good place, and I think it will be long lasting.

I like the wig, good quality and brings me so much compliment from my friends. I will buy my future wigs here if I need anyone.


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Light Chestnut Brown (6) Review


This is my first purchase in Glam Seamless, and I have been being happy with it. The total weight of per pack is 50 grams and each pack contains 20 wefts tape in hair extensions. For me, the weight of each weft is enough. In order to make a full head of hair, I bought 3 packs from the store. Why I can make sure the hair is good enough to cost me so much? Several of my friends are frequent customers of Glam Seamless. They introduced this store to me.

I apply the extensions to my natural hair all by myself. The final result is satisfying. Soft hair, good luster, free of tangle. I have kept the hair for about one month and once re-used the extensions. After I applied the hair with additional tape, the hair still blent so well into my natural hair. Another good thing about the extensions is that even my family failed to tell that I was wearing hair extensions.

But the price of the hair is a little bit hight. I spent about $400 on the 3 packs of tape in hair extensions.


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26 Inches #8 Ash Brown Unusual Clip In Hair Extensions Curly 7 Pieces Review


The 26 inches ash brown clip  in hair extensions are just like the extensions shown above, the same texture, the same hair color, and full-of-luster. Besides, the hair is soft and no dry ends can be found. But one thing about it was that I could not achieve the super full curly hair look like the picture shows although I teased out the curls in the extensions.  My hairstylist said that it was a little difficult to create such a full head with a set of 7 pieces of clip in hair extensions and she suggested me to get more. She admitted that the extensions were good, although it was a little thin for me to make a head of voluminous hair.

And when I consulted the lady in the Hair Plus Base customer service center, she offered the same advice. I am going to place my second order these several days. I am looking forward to receiving it and make a super cool hairstyle.


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Natural Color Brazilian Curl Brazilian Virgin Hair Weave 3pcs Bundle Review


Like the hair so much! No tangles, no shedding, and of course, soft hair. The hair is shiny, making my natural hair kind of fading, but still wonderful final look.  Although the hair is not curly enough to meet my requirement, I look very very good in these 3 bundles of hair weave, such a full head of hair.

I received the hair in 5 days, so good.

I would like to thanks the guy in this store who always replied my questiongs patiently and quickly. And she gave me some useful tips for how to take good care of the hair. Such a nice guy.

I’ve only had this hair installed for about a month, but I’m experiencing almost no shedding and the hair holds curls quite well. Everything is great! Love the so much!

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100% Human Hair Brown Medium Wavy / Curly Capless Wigs 15 Inch Review


I love the medium wavy wig. It is soft and beautiful. The hair I received is just like the one in the picture, shiny hair color and well designed texture. The size of it suits my head perfectly, neither too big nor too small. The hair of the wig is natural and beautiful, as same as my own hair. After I wore the wig, it seemed that I had my ugly hair styled into such a charming hairdo.

But because of its being packed inappropriately, I had to style the wig a little bit to restore its original shape.

I love the customer service guy in this online store so much. She is so nice and patient enough to reply all my questions quickly.

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Kinky Curl Brazilain Virgin Hair Extensions 4Pcs/Lot Review


The shipping time was great, taking me only 4 days to receive the hair. The four bundles of 16 inches hair wefts were all thick, the texture was great, and of course,in shiny dark brown color, just like what was shown in the picture above.

But, there was a weird smell on the hair, maybe the smell of chemicals in process. Well, I could not make it clear. I co-washed the hair several times but the smell was still there. The hair ends was a little bit dry and messy, just like the one of  over-processed hair. In the description of the hair, the mark of virgin hair can be seen. According to what I see. it is difficult for me to believe that it is unprocessed hair.

I have worn the hair for 3 weeks, so far so good, except for the smell and dry hair ends.

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16 Inch Ombre Clip In Remy Human Hair Extensions Body Wave 9pcs Review


The hair look I got after I applied the extensions did not exactly look like the one shown above, because my extensions were only 16 inches. The color and the texture are just like what is shown above. The hair looked shiny, felt soft. After I applied the extensions, it looked like all the hair was mine.

I got the hair 2 months ago and wore it usually. So far, the hair keeps in good shape. I have to admit that another reason is that I have been taking good care of it.

The hair took me 1 week to receive it.

I  think the hair is worth buying, considering its quality and price.  If I want to buy another set of hair extensions, the Hair Plus Base will be at the list.

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Synthetic Fiber Ponytail Hair Extensions Review


I like this pack of ponytail hair extensions. Even though it is made of synthetic fiber hair, it looks, feels and touches like real human hair. The only one disadvantage of it may be its heat irresistance, so it can not be styled like my natural hair. But as it is only ponytail hair extensions, I don’t need to curl or straighten it.

The hair took me 5 days to receive it, a relative fast speed.

I have no idea how long it will last. Because I only wear it from time to time and do not style it using chemicals and heat, I think it can be long lasting and keep in good shape.

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Human Hair Bang by Raquel Welch Hairpieces Review


The product of Raquel Welch is always truth worthy, and there is no exception for this one. When I uncovered the package, I can tell the hair was of high quality. It looked shiny, and tangle-free. Unlike synthetic fiber hair, this one touched soft. In all, its quality was just like my natural hair’s. It was said to be monofilament base. According to the hair I received, I agree with this point.

The only bad review about this hairpieces is the price. The weight of the hairpiece is only 1 oz, but the hair cost me $191.25 so expensive.  If I want to buy long hair extensions, I will not choose the hair of Raquel Welch for it is beyond my budget.


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