Bleach Blonde #613 – Superior 20″ Clip In Human Hair Extensions 230g Review


I hated this set of 20 inches clip in human hair extensions and will never buy anything from this store, and I will ask all my friends not to buy anything from this store.  I was not satisfied with the hair extensions. It was corse, and look terrible, especially after I washed it. I wanted to return the hair and get my money back. It took me such a long long time consult with the stuff at this store. Finally she accepted my requirement. But she at last said they received no hair extensions from my side and refused to give my money back. What the suck!!! I sent a billion emails to them, but got no result. Fine, I can just take it as a lesson and will not buy anything in this store.

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Long Perfect Pony by Hothair Review


I chose this piece of creamy twist ponytail hair extensions to add instant length and volume to my thin ponytail. The final result appeared to be stunning. My ponytail seemed to get upgraded by the wrap around extensions, looking so beautiful. The extensions piece was shiny and tangle free. That’s why it could look so good when applied on my head. But, it was not soft. When I touched it, I could feel its being coarse, because it was made of synthetic fiber hair.

But actually, I prefer this piece of ponytail hair extensions to the one made of real human hair. You know, this one only cost me £19.20. But the real human one may cost me about £50. For a temporary use, I think synthetic fiber ponytail hair extensions meet my requirement.

If you want ponytail hair extensions urgently, do not choose this one as the shipping will take you about 10 days.

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Dark Brown Clip In Hair Extensions Review


This set of 20 inches dark brown clip in hair extensions is beautiful. As I have thin hair, I have been looking for extensions to add volume. In the past I purchased 2 sets from other companies, but they were not impressed, maybe because of their low price. This set of Cashmere hair extensions are of high quality and it has lots of hair. After I installed it to my natural hair, I got intant voluminous hair look, and it appeared to be natural. I had the extensions applied by a professional hairstylist in LA, another reason for the super fantastic final result. When I gave the extensions to the hairstylist, she also admitted that they looked so good. And when I told her the extensions cost me $289.95, she said that it was worthy.

It took me 7 or 8 days to receive the hair, just like those of my previous hair extensions.

Although $289.95 was a little much for me, I would like to have this one, rather than those cheaper ones which of relative poor quality.

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16″ Dark Auburn(#33) 100S Micro Loop Remy Human Hair Extensions Review


Actually, I seldom wrote review on my online-shopping product, but I think this one is worthy of recommending. The first time I had it kept on my head for a month, and the hair looked so good. But one of my frineds told me that the result would be more stunning if I tighten the hair once a week. I did it and achieved it.

I like dark auburn a lot. It made me look good and feel good. That’s why I chose this bundle of 16 inches dark auburn micro loop hair extensions. Since 100 strands did not heavy, I did not feel them at all. I wanted hair extensions simply to add volume to my natural hair, and this one met my requirement. Of course, the quality of the hair was so good, just like my natural hair. Besides, only a few color fading was found, much better than other hair extensions I had had.

It took me 9 days to receive the hair, the only dissatisfying matter.

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16 Inch Excellent Straight Clip In Human Hair Extensions #27 Strawberry Blonde Review


The 16 inches clip in human hair extensions I bought was just like the one shown in the picture. I loved the hair the first sight I uncovered the package. It looked soft and shiny, and I could not find any messiness on the hair.  But it appeared to a little unnature for me because my natural hair was a little messy. The hair was too good for my natural hair to handle it.

It took me 7 days to receive the hair, an acceptable speed.

The price was beyond my budget, costing me only about $40.

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Brazilian Natural Wave Bombay Mane Collections Review

Virgin Wavy Brazilian Hair Extensions

So good this unit of Brazilian natural wave hair extensions was. Its texture and hair type are what I was looking for. I loved this soft, luscious hair sooooo much!! Can you believe that I achieved such amazing hair look like the one in the picture? It is impossible for me to image having gorgeous hair look before I had this set of hair wefts.

Because I wanted a fuller head of hair, I chose 3 bundles from this store. Of course, the price was a little bit high.

It took me 9 days to receive the hair. Maybe this is the only bad thing.


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Princess Super Deluxe Hair – Light Brown – Color 8 Review


The quality of these 220 grams light brown clip in hair extensions is so good. I just get exactly the same hair look like the picture above. Like the hair look above, my hair is soft, tangle free and shiny. I get a full head of hair after I applied the extensions.

When it comes to the price, I think buying a set of 220 grams clip in hair extensions at the price of 149.95 € is worthy after comparing with my former extensions and considering its quality.

It took me 5 days to receive the hair, an acceptable delivery speed.

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