8pc Straight 16″ Extensions Review


Generally speaking, I like this pack of 8 pieces straight 16 inches hair extensions. Although they are synthetic strands, the color variation makes them look astonishingly natural! I have found that, with a gentle wash & condition with Organix Brazilian Keratin Therapy formula, then allowed to straight hang-dry with a spritz of Not Your Mother’s He wants a separation. To Grow Leave-In Conditioner, they are shiny and feel soft & like new!

However, there are still some disadvantages of the extensions. The smaller pieces of extensions are easy to use, but the larger pieces are hard to use.

I have fine hair, so I want hair extensions to add volume. Most of the time, the extensions match into my natural hair so well, but there is execption sometimes.

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22″ I-Link Pro Curly #5B (Caramel)


I loved the Donna Bella 22 inches curly I-tip hair extensions when I unpacked the package of it. The reason lies in that the hair looked and felt like my natural hair.

I had it cut a little bit so that it could blend better into my natural hair. I always take good care of the extensions, brushing it with extensions brush, shamppoing and conditioning it well, air drying or towel drying it all the time. Although it is claimed to be dyeable and heat resistant, I never dyed , straightened, or curled it. My natural hair will be fragile after chemical or heating process, so I believe that hair extensions will be more fragile if undergoing such process.

So far, the hair extensions still keep in good shape. I have kept it for about one month.


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22″ inches Tape In Remy Human Hair Extensions # 4 Medium Brown Review


These 22 inches tap in hair extensions are very very very bad. I have had the hair for about 3 weeks and now they almost lost about half of its thickness. I have already had 12 pieces of them tear out of my head and to put them back in. Because the wefts are kind of thick and stiff that they even rip some strands of my hair out. I have been wearing hair extensions, including tape in, clip in, fusion hair extensions for 2 years, and I have already become very familiar with hair extensions. But to be honest, I never bought hair extensions like this before. They are the worst one that I have had.

I have tried contacting the store , sending several emails, but now I hear nothing back from t them.

Honestly, I don’t think the price of the extensions is very low. They cost me $79.99, but I got hair extensions which may be worth nothing.


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California Blonde Clip In Hair Extensions



I received my 20 inches cashmere clip in hair extensions several days ago and I was soooo impressed with them. The hair looked and felt so good, smooth, soft, shiny. The clips were good too, clipping well into my hair. I had a full head of gorgeous hair after the application.

I have only kept the hair for several days. I wore it daily, and removed it at night. The application only takes me a few minutes, so I can take time to apply it to my hair everyday.

If the extensions can last long, I will visit the store next time. You know, the price of each pack of cashmere extensions is higher than those of my other hair extensions. So far, I think it worths the price.

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BELLAMI 160g 20″ Ombre #60/Violet Review


Bellami is one of my favorite hair extensions brand. And this set of ombre hair extensions is my favorite too.

Before I received the extensions, I thought that the extensions might not be as good as the solid color hair extensions. You know, even though our natural hair goes bad if undergoing several chemical treatment. The extensions proved that I were right. However, the condition of the extensions is better than my expectation.

The hair was a little bit dry, but beyond my expectation. The hair color looked nice, and the hair was soft.

Apart from the quality, I like the fast shipping service provided by this store.

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24 Inch Straight Clip In Human remy Hair Extensions #12/613 12 Pieces Review


Good hair extensions, I like this!

I dyed my natural hair highlights, and the color looks like the extensions I bought. Because of the thin hair and the unsatisfying result after the dyeing, I looked for hair extensions to add length and volume. Therefore, one of my friends introduced this on-line store to me. Because of the strong recommendation of my friend and my finding the very close hair color, I made up my mind to buy this set of 24 inches #12/613 clip in hair extensions.

The result did not disappoint me at all. The shiny, soft hair, the right color,  and clips. Every thing went well. After applying the extensions to my head, I had a head of gorgours hair, which is exactly what I want.

I have kept the hair for a month. I have been taking good care of it, no dyeing, no curling, no straightening, and no blow drying. So far, the hair looks like new bought extensions.

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Satin Strands Remy I-Tip Rio Nights Review

I like the extensions bought from sallybeauty. I have used these and really liked them. I did not fuse them into my hair but rather used the little metal loops to clamp them in. It looked natural, was very versitile and I was able to remove them and then put them back in 3 more times. They held up to blow drying, flat ironing and curling with a high heat curling iron. I was smart enough to keep the heat away from the tips to prevent melting. As for the white residue stated in other comments- I never experienced that. I think its about how you care for them once they are in. I used 6 packages and it was enough- however I don’t have super thick hair. Puting them in the way I did I think is best- there’s no glue fused to you hair and if one slips out of the metal loop its super easy to put back in. I will be buying more!
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16″ 20pcs Tape In Human Hair Extensions Red Review


The 16 inches tape  in hair extensions weighs 30g and costs $49.99. The price and the quantity are Ok, but the quality is kind of disappointing.

It is kind of like synthetic fiber hair, touched a little coarse. The hair ends are a little dry and messy. Although my dyed hair is also a little dry, I still do not want to have a pack of dry hair extensions.

But I have to admit that the red hue looks good and the extensions blend into my natural hair so well. If I ignore the coarse surface and the dry ends, it should be worth investment.

I placed the order on Monday, and received my hair next Monday, an average speed.

I have no idea how long the extensions will last, so far they keep in shape.

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18″ Simply Wavy Pony by Hairdo Review


I received the ponytail hair extensions one month ago and wore it often, but now it still keeps in good shape. I selected the golden wheat and white blonde piece, and I love the shade and the hair.

The application of the pony is so simple, taking me only a score of seconds to attach the extensions to my existing  ponytail. After the applying, the final result satisfied me a lot, because it looked so stunning. I once wore it side-swept pony and standard pony, all looking beautiful.

The piece of pony is pretty long, and the hair is so soft, like my natural hair. The curly texture is exactly what I want, offering me a full head of voluminous hair.

The delivery took me about 10 days. It is the only one unsatisfactory factors.


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18 Inch 20pcs Straight Cheap but Practical Tape In Human Hair Extensions Pink Review


Highlights and pastel seem to be popular this year, so I chose this pack of 18 inches pink tape in hair extensions to decorate my natural hair. You know, because of frequent heat styling, that my natural hair is a little brittle, and then I did not dare to dye it these several months.

I received the extensions one week ago and have worn them for several days. Honestly, I satisfy the extensions, because of their quality, their blending well into my natural hair and their shiny pink color.

The extensions only cost me about $50 dollars, quite competitive price.

One thing I also want to mention is the nice service. Thanks very much for Grace’s patient and detailed reply every time.

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