7Pcs/Full Head Set Virgin Remy Hair Clip In Human Hair Extension Review


I will never buy anything from this on-line shop. The first thing was about its delivery. Actually, the shipping was acceptable–3 days. But how could it take 5 days for the order processing and I needed  to push it again and again by email. I once heard that there was only a few ready-to-buy hair extensions available and the rest needed to be processed after the order was placed. So, this happened to me as well. What the suck.

I always insist not buying cheap hair extensions as the cheap one appears to be cheap. Because one of my friends bought a set of hair extensions from this shop and the quality was acceptable, I thought it would be OK to get a high quality at a low price. But the fact told me that I should do what I used to insisting.  Price is in proportional to quality.

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