Brazilian Hair

Being one of the major sources of hair extensions, Brazilian hair is popular, especially when it comes to weave and sew hair extensions. How can you know Brazilian hair in which on-line store are of high quality? The reviews on Brazilian hair in many different on-line stores collected from customers worldwide can be as reference when you are going to buy some Brazilian hair.

Latina Body Wave


I absolutely loved the extensions. I selected the 18 inches option. After the applying, the finished look was so stunning, so beautiful with a slight wave. I did not apply any product to it , not even a bit of hairspray. I just combed it in the morning and at night. The wave was amazing even after one and a half month. After that, I add a bit of Redken curvaceous so I could define the curls in a certail style. The color was attractive, my favorite color. It did not fade after such a long time of wearing.

I love the hair. And I quite remember its fast shipping and its nice customer service.


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Natural Color Brazilian Curl Brazilian Virgin Hair Weave 3pcs Bundle Review


Like the hair so much! No tangles, no shedding, and of course, soft hair. The hair is shiny, making my natural hair kind of fading, but still wonderful final look.  Although the hair is not curly enough to meet my requirement, I look very very good in these 3 bundles of hair weave, such a full head of hair.

I received the hair in 5 days, so good.

I would like to thanks the guy in this store who always replied my questiongs patiently and quickly. And she gave me some useful tips for how to take good care of the hair. Such a nice guy.

I’ve only had this hair installed for about a month, but I’m experiencing almost no shedding and the hair holds curls quite well. Everything is great! Love the so much!

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Kinky Curl Brazilain Virgin Hair Extensions 4Pcs/Lot Review


The shipping time was great, taking me only 4 days to receive the hair. The four bundles of 16 inches hair wefts were all thick, the texture was great, and of course,in shiny dark brown color, just like what was shown in the picture above.

But, there was a weird smell on the hair, maybe the smell of chemicals in process. Well, I could not make it clear. I co-washed the hair several times but the smell was still there. The hair ends was a little bit dry and messy, just like the one of  over-processed hair. In the description of the hair, the mark of virgin hair can be seen. According to what I see. it is difficult for me to believe that it is unprocessed hair.

I have worn the hair for 3 weeks, so far so good, except for the smell and dry hair ends.

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Brazilian Natural Wave Bombay Mane Collections Review

Virgin Wavy Brazilian Hair Extensions

So good this unit of Brazilian natural wave hair extensions was. Its texture and hair type are what I was looking for. I loved this soft, luscious hair sooooo much!! Can you believe that I achieved such amazing hair look like the one in the picture? It is impossible for me to image having gorgeous hair look before I had this set of hair wefts.

Because I wanted a fuller head of hair, I chose 3 bundles from this store. Of course, the price was a little bit high.

It took me 9 days to receive the hair. Maybe this is the only bad thing.


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12″ – 34″ Funky Brazilian Remy Hair Straight #2 and Purple Ombre Review


So stunning purple ombre hair extensions!!!! I got 2 bundles of it to make voluminous hair, and I was quite satisfied that it blent so well into my natural hair. It totally looked like my own hair.

The length I chose was 24 inches, neither too long nor too short for me. Although the shop owner could customize clip-in hair extensions in the same color for me, I still selected this kind of wefts hair extensions, because  I could apply them by means of clip-in, tape-in and weaving, all depending on my preference.

Another thing about these extensions was their delivery. Since the shop owner offers free shipping for orders over $99, I enjoyed this good service because the total value of my order is $247.9. I was waiting for 7 days to receive the hair, and it was acceptable for me.


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Brazilian Remy Hair Straight Ombre Hair Weave Two Tone Color BR0011


Although this set of  hair weave cost me only $74.99, it met my requirement and offered me a head of gorgeous locks, which helped me earn a plenty of compliments from my friends and colleagues. The shop owner said I may need three bundles to make a fuller hair look, but actually one bundle was enough for me.

The hair was soft and the hair color was full of luster, just like what the picture showed. I got the hair three months ago, by now, everything goes well.

I like the gift sent by the shop owner. It is a hair band, so beautiful. I quite appreciated the good job of myhairron and will visit it again if any possible.


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Body Wave Brazilian Hair Extensions Review


This Brazilian hair extensions was just so so. The hair was soft but came with kind of frizzy and tangled hair ends. Speaking of its duration, I cound not make sure how long it would last as I only have kept it for one month. But somehow, I did not think it was good enough to last for a long time. 10 days were its delivery time, which was acceptable.

I liked its body wave texture and its relatively low price–$95 for 22″ Brazilian virgin hair extensions.




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12″ – 34″ Brunet Ombre Brazilian Remy Hair Body Wave Three Tone Wefts Review


I have used extensions from different companies, but I must say the quality of this set of Brazilian Remy hair is the most satisfying at the price of $72.95. I remembered when I recieve the hair, they were so soft and not shedding when my fingers ran through them. After a couple of months it was still so soft and healthy looking. Speaking of the shipping, they sent my package to me within 4 days without extra shipping expense.

It was my first time to wear ombre hair extensions and the result was quite good. Of course, comparing  with wearing jet black hair extensions, I appeared to be more fashion without causing any damage to my natural hair because I did not need to dye it.

All in all, I like my hair extensions and I will be a regular customer of this on-line shop.

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Natural wave virgin brazilian hair 16″16″16″ for weaving Review


The Natural wave virgin brazilian hair 16″16″16″ for weaving cost me US$102.00 and I thought it was cost-effective. I was satisfied with its quality–supple and silky to touch, smell good, tangle-free, and has been kept for three months without deformation.  The shipping took me  7 days totally, an acceptable speed. What I liked modt about the purchase was its so nice customer service–quick reply with detailed answer and informed me of the latest status of my hair rapidly. Speaking of its cons, I think everything goes well by now.

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Natural Color Brazilian Wave Brazilian Virgin Hair Weave 4pcs Bundle[WB31]


I think these hair weaves are cost-effective. It has a lot of hair in a bundle and the weave is so thick , making the application easy. The hair is soft and the luster looks like my natural hair. Although I drag the weave hard, I see no hair shedding.  All in all, I quite satisfy with its quality.

Besides the quality, I think its delivery is satisfying too. I ordered it on Wednesday and received it next Wednesday.  So the whole delivery takes 5 days if weekend is deducted.

But for me, four bundles are too much. I think it will be better if I can only buy two bundles.




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