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This category collects both positive reviews, negative reviews and neutral reviews of clip in hair extensions from customers around the world. It is to offer guidance for readers who are thinking about buying clip in hair extensions.

Luxy Hair-Clip In Hair Extensions Dark Brown


This is my first time buying Luxy hair extensions, and it was suggested by one of my friends. Actually, I have worn hair extensions for the past two years, but I never bought hair extensions so satisfying.

I received the hair extensions 2 months ago, and I have worn them almost everyday. Now, they still keep in good shape. They are easy to wear, easy to style and wash, and of course, so beautiful.

The price of it is reasonable. The extensions cost me $159, and I think it is worthy buying because I can get a full head of gorgeous hair.

It took me 4 days to receive the extensions. It was fast in my case. According to my friend, it is common for her to receive Luxy hair within 7 days.

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Bombay Hair–Clip In Hair Extensions Jet Black


I don’t like this set of clip in hair extensions bought in Bombay Hair. It is nothing like the extensions that I have.

It is really a mess. The roots are fine, but the bottom is  a mess. I found the after-look of this kind of hair extensions in its facebook, but mine is nothing like what was shown on the facebook.

I have nothing more to say about this. I just want my money back. I file the refund request to paypal, and I am waiting for their reply. I will never accept any other reply except for this full refund.

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18″ 100% REMY Human OMBRE Pastel Hair Extensions 7Pcs Clip in #A little pastel Review


Fantastic pastel hair extensions! The hair color is so awesome, exactly what I want. The hair is so soft, and I can tell it is definitely human hair extensions.

The hair extensions blend so well with my natural hair, creating a stunning highlights style for me immediatly after applied.

Another matter about the extensions lies in their high price. Honestly, if taken the full set into consideration, it was not too much to spend $154.99 in the extensions. But I just wanted the extensions to style highlights hair look.

If you are considering changing your hair into this pastel color, and would like to add length and volume to your hair, you can get this one. It is definitely worth buying.

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24 Inch Refined Three Colors Clip In Human Hair Extensions Body Wave 9pcs Review


I like this set of 24 inches clip in human hair extensions so much!!

The hair is so soft, and the color is perfect, matching perfectly with mine. Just like my natural hair, the extensions don’t tangle easily and few frizz can be found. Because I just want to add volume to my natural hair, the 9 pieces hair extensions meet my requirement.

I have kept the extensions for about 2 months. The hair keeps in good shape. Of course, this is also because of my taking good care of it.

Speaking of the shipping, I think it is OK. It took me 5 days to receive the hair, roughly as fast as the speed of my former extensions.


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22″ Clip In Full Head 100% Real Remy Human Hair Extensions Review



I received this set of 22″ natural black clip in hair extensions about 3 weeks ago. When I got it, it’s in good condition. The hair was soft, and the color was right.

But!!!! After I washed it for several times, it’s color started to fade!! It’s claimed to be remy human hair, but the store owner must be a liar. I used my curling iron to make it wavy. Well, I did see the wavy texture, but it also came with curly texture, freaking dry ends as well. I washed it and it became less drier. But after several times of washing, it started to fade a little bit!!

What the hell rubbish it is?? The hair extensions only cost me $48, so I did not think about returning the extensions. According to my experience, it will take me a long time to argue with the customer service staff, and finally I may get some discount for the next purchasing.

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Jet Black (1) 20″ 220g – ON BACK ORDER


Well, the most expensive clip in hair extensions I have had. But its quality is just so-so.

The extensions are also soft, and tangle free. But the hair ends is a little dry, and the hair color looks more like natural black.

The clips are OK. After I applied the extensions to my hair, they held well, and the hair extensions can blend into my hair seamlessly.

Actually, I think this set of 22 inches jet black clip in hair extensions are ok. But considering the price, I may prefer to buy some cheaper ones, like my last HairPlusBase hair extensions, whose quality are better than this one in BombayHair.

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Platinum Blonde #90 – Regular 18″ Clip In Human Hair Extensions 125g Review


It is my first time to buy clip in hair extensions in Foxy Locks Extensions. Honestly, the extensions are OK, if taking its price into consideration.

Compared with the extensions I have, its quality is not the best, just so-so. But because I spend a lot on them, I want to try the one which is less expensive and of acceptable quality. This one is what I want to get.

The extensions are made from remy human hair, just like what I have. The hair is also soft, and the color is fine. But the hair ends is a little dry and the one clip is broken. Well, it is a piece of cake to get another clip.

Speaking of the shipping, I think it is reasonable to spend 7 days to receive the extensions.


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Angelcoco 28Inch 7pcs Remy Clips In Human Hair Extensions 120g Review


It took me about 2 weeks to receive the hair extensions. But except for the slow delivery, anything else seemed go well.

The 28 inches black clip in hair extensions are so good–blending well into my natural hair, looking so shiny, feeling so soft. For me, the 7 pieces extensions are enough to make a full head. But if you have thin hair and want more voluminous hair, it is suggested that you buy more voluminous hair extensions. I like the texture of the extensions. The hair is straight, exactly what I want.

I have no problem with the application of the extensions. The clips are good, and the application takes me a few minutes without doing harm to my natural hair.

I seldom applied heat and chemical treatment to it. So far, the extensions are still in good shape.

I have kept the extensions for about one month.


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8pc Straight 16″ Extensions Review


Generally speaking, I like this pack of 8 pieces straight 16 inches hair extensions. Although they are synthetic strands, the color variation makes them look astonishingly natural! I have found that, with a gentle wash & condition with Organix Brazilian Keratin Therapy formula, then allowed to straight hang-dry with a spritz of Not Your Mother’s He wants a separation. To Grow Leave-In Conditioner, they are shiny and feel soft & like new!

However, there are still some disadvantages of the extensions. The smaller pieces of extensions are easy to use, but the larger pieces are hard to use.

I have fine hair, so I want hair extensions to add volume. Most of the time, the extensions match into my natural hair so well, but there is execption sometimes.

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California Blonde Clip In Hair Extensions



I received my 20 inches cashmere clip in hair extensions several days ago and I was soooo impressed with them. The hair looked and felt so good, smooth, soft, shiny. The clips were good too, clipping well into my hair. I had a full head of gorgeous hair after the application.

I have only kept the hair for several days. I wore it daily, and removed it at night. The application only takes me a few minutes, so I can take time to apply it to my hair everyday.

If the extensions can last long, I will visit the store next time. You know, the price of each pack of cashmere extensions is higher than those of my other hair extensions. So far, I think it worths the price.

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