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U Nail Glue Tip Keratin Fusion Straight Remy Human Hair Extension Review


Well, I feel regretful for buying this set of U-tip hair extensions!! It claimed locating in the USA, but actually it was delivered from China.

The hair color faded and the hair ends was dry. I did not dare to apply it to my hair. I was afraid that it would do great harm to my hair.

Because I washed the hair, and the hair color faded, the owner of the shop refused to return my money at first. I have contacted with the customer service staff for about one month, and they finally agreed to do it. What the hell, they even doubted I changed their hair extensions and kept their good one.

I will never buy anything in this store.

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22″ I-Link Pro Curly #5B (Caramel)


I loved the Donna Bella 22 inches curly I-tip hair extensions when I unpacked the package of it. The reason lies in that the hair looked and felt like my natural hair.

I had it cut a little bit so that it could blend better into my natural hair. I always take good care of the extensions, brushing it with extensions brush, shamppoing and conditioning it well, air drying or towel drying it all the time. Although it is claimed to be dyeable and heat resistant, I never dyed , straightened, or curled it. My natural hair will be fragile after chemical or heating process, so I believe that hair extensions will be more fragile if undergoing such process.

So far, the hair extensions still keep in good shape. I have kept it for about one month.


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Satin Strands Remy I-Tip Rio Nights Review

I like the extensions bought from sallybeauty. I have used these and really liked them. I did not fuse them into my hair but rather used the little metal loops to clamp them in. It looked natural, was very versitile and I was able to remove them and then put them back in 3 more times. They held up to blow drying, flat ironing and curling with a high heat curling iron. I was smart enough to keep the heat away from the tips to prevent melting. As for the white residue stated in other comments- I never experienced that. I think its about how you care for them once they are in. I used 6 packages and it was enough- however I don’t have super thick hair. Puting them in the way I did I think is best- there’s no glue fused to you hair and if one slips out of the metal loop its super easy to put back in. I will be buying more!
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Straight Fusion Hair Review


I chose two packs of 22 inches chocolate brown fusion hair extensions from this store, and two packs of the extensions offer me a full head of voluminous hair.

The hair was great, nice texture and color. There was virtually no shedding, no tangling and the hair maintains its silky texture. The tip however was very hard to remove even with the prescribed solvent. I applied a bit of heat to loosen the bond and slid the tip from the hair. Then followed it with solution to remove the remaining glue from the hair. I must say this left my clients hair in pretty bad shape. I’ve used Utip hair from other companies with better results.. Perhaps there is a better way to remove the tipped hair?

One of the biggest advantages of the extensions lies in its fast shipping. I placed the order on Monday and received the hair the same thursday.

The price of the extensions is neither too high nor too low. It cost me $79 per pack.

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I-Tip Natural Wave 14″ Review


Nice Quality!!

I chose two packs of this 14″ I-Tip natural wave hair extensions to make a full head. After my stylist had them fused into my natural hair, it looked like that I had a head of voluminous and shiny hair naturally. The final result looked so fantastic.

Speaking of the quality, I think it is very good. I believe it is made of high quality real human hair, because the extensions looks exactly like my natural hair. The hair is soft, shiny, and tangle-free.

I have been wearing the extensions for about 2 months. So far, every goes well. I have no idea how long it will actually last. But I think it is long lasting.

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Rich Copper Red #33 1g Fusion Nail Tip Hair Extensions



This Nail Tip Hair Extensions is made into same length to create a thickerm natural and fress look. It is fusion hair extensions which means that it need to be attached to your existing hair by melting the Keratin of your hair ends and the extensions to connect them together, leaving you head of beautiful and stunning hair.

If you require half a head of extensions, we recommend using 4 wefts and 6-7 wefts for a full head of extensions. If you prefer to thicker hair, more hair may be required.


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