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It is a collection of reviews for tape in hair extensions, including positive reviews, negative reviews, and neutral reviews. You can take these reviews into consideration when you are going to buy tape in hair extensions.

18″ 10 Pcs Silky Straight Tape In Indian Remy Human Hair Extension Review


If you ask me how do I think of this set of tape in remy human hair extensions, my answer will be that it is hard to say.

The quality is so-so. The hair is soft, but it is a little messy. The hair color is what I want, but the hair looks a little bit fake sometimes.

After applied to my hair, the extensions can blend seamlessly into my natural hair. The tape sticks well to my hair, holding tightly. Every time I wanted to remove the extensions, I needed to use remover.

The hair extensions cost me $39.99. Since I only wore the extensions from time to time, with the purpose of adding highlights to my hair, the price and the quality meet my requirement.

However, if you would like to get high quality hair extensions, don’t choose this one.

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22″ inches Tape In Remy Human Hair Extensions # 4 Medium Brown Review


These 22 inches tap in hair extensions are very very very bad. I have had the hair for about 3 weeks and now they almost lost about half of its thickness. I have already had 12 pieces of them tear out of my head and to put them back in. Because the wefts are kind of thick and stiff that they even rip some strands of my hair out. I have been wearing hair extensions, including tape in, clip in, fusion hair extensions for 2 years, and I have already become very familiar with hair extensions. But to be honest, I never bought hair extensions like this before. They are the worst one that I have had.

I have tried contacting the store , sending several emails, but now I hear nothing back from t them.

Honestly, I don’t think the price of the extensions is very low. They cost me $79.99, but I got hair extensions which may be worth nothing.


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16″ 20pcs Tape In Human Hair Extensions Red Review


The 16 inches tape  in hair extensions weighs 30g and costs $49.99. The price and the quantity are Ok, but the quality is kind of disappointing.

It is kind of like synthetic fiber hair, touched a little coarse. The hair ends are a little dry and messy. Although my dyed hair is also a little dry, I still do not want to have a pack of dry hair extensions.

But I have to admit that the red hue looks good and the extensions blend into my natural hair so well. If I ignore the coarse surface and the dry ends, it should be worth investment.

I placed the order on Monday, and received my hair next Monday, an average speed.

I have no idea how long the extensions will last, so far they keep in shape.

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18 Inch 20pcs Straight Cheap but Practical Tape In Human Hair Extensions Pink Review


Highlights and pastel seem to be popular this year, so I chose this pack of 18 inches pink tape in hair extensions to decorate my natural hair. You know, because of frequent heat styling, that my natural hair is a little brittle, and then I did not dare to dye it these several months.

I received the extensions one week ago and have worn them for several days. Honestly, I satisfy the extensions, because of their quality, their blending well into my natural hair and their shiny pink color.

The extensions only cost me about $50 dollars, quite competitive price.

One thing I also want to mention is the nice service. Thanks very much for Grace’s patient and detailed reply every time.

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Satin Strands Premium 100% Remy Human Hair Tape-In Extensions 18″ Review


I bought two packages of these extensions, as each package is 40g, and about 80g can add kind of volume to my hair. As it cost $89.99 for only 40g hair extensions, I expected the extensions to be of high quality. But, I found nothing worthy of $89.99 per pack.
The first thing I did was wash, condition and dry to get the chemical smell out. The smell remains, but the shine did not. When wet, they get wavy, and then very frizzy and dull once dried. They weren’t very terrible, but even my own color-treated hair is not as frizzy as this hair.
Then, I dyed the hair a little bit to create highlights, but disappointment once again. I don’t know what chemicals are used to treat the hair, but it’s definitely not virgin hair! I found it very very difficut to dye the hair. And the final look of the dyed extensions was so disgusting.  I doubted whether it could last for one week, not to mention its several months guarantee.
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Glam Seamless Burgundy Red (99J) Review


Red hair color is so popular in the beginning of 2015, that I dyed my hair red. But because my natural hair is not full enough to meet my requirement, I bought this pack of tape in hair extensions to add length and volume.

I chose the 22-24 inches section and the extensions cost me $159.99, a neither low or high price for me.

The hair looks shiny and touchs soft, but it was a little dry at the hair ends. It can stick well to my natural hair, and the final look is satisfying. Even my close friends and family can not tell that I wear hair extensions.

I only have the hair for less than one month, so I have no idea how long it will last. According to the current condition of it, I think it can be long lasting with proper hair care.

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16 Inch Pink Tape In Human Hair Extensions 20pcs Review


Nice pink tape in hair extensions!! I used this to create highlights and the result appeared to be stunning. After I sticked the extensions to my hair, it held tightly, and it moved like my natural hair. The hair is soft and tangle free. You know, some hair may turn dry after chemical treatment, but this set of hair extensions meet nothing like dry hair.

I have kept the extensions for about two months. I applied about 10 pieces of them to my hair each time. It looked like I actually dyed my  hair. To keep my hair safe, I removed the extensions every two weeks and then letted my hair have short rest. At present, the extensions still keep in good shape, except for the tape.

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Light Chestnut Brown (6) Review


This is my first purchase in Glam Seamless, and I have been being happy with it. The total weight of per pack is 50 grams and each pack contains 20 wefts tape in hair extensions. For me, the weight of each weft is enough. In order to make a full head of hair, I bought 3 packs from the store. Why I can make sure the hair is good enough to cost me so much? Several of my friends are frequent customers of Glam Seamless. They introduced this store to me.

I apply the extensions to my natural hair all by myself. The final result is satisfying. Soft hair, good luster, free of tangle. I have kept the hair for about one month and once re-used the extensions. After I applied the hair with additional tape, the hair still blent so well into my natural hair. Another good thing about the extensions is that even my family failed to tell that I was wearing hair extensions.

But the price of the hair is a little bit hight. I spent about $400 on the 3 packs of tape in hair extensions.


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DIRTY BLONDE (18) 22″ Tape Extensions Review


This is my first time buying hair extensions on-line. I used to getting this type of item in high street shops and had it applied by professional stylists. But because the application at salons is expensive, I decided to choose tape in hair extensions on line. By this way I can both save the money in hair extensions and application.

But a little bit disappointing, the quality of this 22  inches dirty blonde tape in hair extensions is not as good as those I have had. The hair is soft as well. But the hair ends is a little messy and the hair appears to lack shine.

Overall, considering its price, the extensions are still worth buying.


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Straight Skin Weft Review


This set of hair extensions is easy to be applied, and it blends well into my natural hair. But the hair is a little bit frizzy, and it lacks gloss, different from the one shown above.  The total weight of it is 0.6 oz, too thin for me. So I had to buy one more set from this online store.

The delivery is fast, taking me 5 days to receive the hair.

I have no idea how long this extensions can last. I got it about 2 months ago, and so far it has kept in good shape.

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