Virgin Hair

Virgin hair means hair undergoing no chemical and heating treatment, including European virgin hair, Indian virgin hair, Malaysian virgin hair, Brazilian virgin hair, etc. Before selecting your virgin hair, take these product reviews for reference. It can help you choose the right hair extensions.

22″ 24″ 26″ Mix Length Virgin Malaysian Hair Bundles Loose Wave Review


Bad quality!! The hair wefts I got look totally unlike what are shown in the picture above. Well, I have to admit that the color is the same.

The hair is messy and dry, espeecially at the hair ends. The hair texture may be the same, but not the one that I like. I have been quite confused that whether it is really virgin Malaysian hair. Virgin hair means hair unprocessed. But this one has dry and messy hair ends, which seems to be consequence of heating or chemical process.

I have not untied the three bundles since I want to return the hair. For several days, the guy of the customer service has been negotiating this matter with me. No matter how hard it is, I will return them.

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26″ Brazilian Virgin Hair Straight #1B Natural Black 2 Pcs


I got two pieces of 26 inches Brazilian virgin hair from this online store. For me, 100 grams hair wefts are too thin for me, so I choose two pieces.

The hair is surely human hair. It looks natural, feel soft, and is tangle free. After I applied them via clips, the hair blent well into my natural hair, making an illusion that I got all the hair naturally. Of course, I can buy clip in hair extensions directly. But a set of clip in hair extensions that weighs 200 grams and is as long as 26 inches must cost much more than those of hair wefts.  These 2 pieces of hair wefts cost me about $200, an acceptable price.

It took me 7 days to receive the hair, a speed neither fast nor slow.

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20″ Same Length Loose Wave 100% Indian Virgin Hair Extension Weft – Natural Black (#1B) Review


I chose this set of natural black loose wave Indian virgin hair wefts from abhair, because of its low price. This set contains 2 bundles of hair wefts and it cost me only $119.00, much cheaper than other extensions I have.

Just as its name suggests, it is virgin hair and it is completely unprocessed. When I received the extensions, it looked like my natural hair. Even though I have the extensions straighted and curled for several times,  the hair keeps in good shape. Of course, it doesn’t look like a new bundle of extensions.

I have been always taking good care of the extensions, shampooing and conditioning it often.

I have no idea how long it will last. I have had it for 2 months, and everything goes well so far.

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10 Inch Virgin Brazilian Remy Hair Weft Deep Curly Natural Black 200g Review


Totally dissatisfy with these two bundles hair weft!!!

This was my second time buying this kind of hair extensions. Last time I bought the same item, but I got totally different product this time. I bought deep curly texture, but what I got was loose wave. The extensions I bought last time was tangle free and lustrous, but this time I got messy hair ends and the hair tangled a lot. Oh my god, how can this store spoil my trust in it!! Why can not just send me the same item in same quality then I can give the same positive review for it??

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European Virgin Remy Human Hair, Pre-Bonded Flat Tips, 16″, Brown, Review

fdaf 1

This is one of my most satisfying hair extensions, although its price is a little bit high.

Speaking of the hair, I like it very much. The hair is so000 soft, and it seems to be better than my natural hair.  The thickness, 95g, suits my hair very well, making it neither too thick nor too thin. Although most of the product in this shop are in solid colors, customized service is available, which means that our customers can get the color that we want.

Then it comes to its duration. I have no idea how long it will last, but by now it keeps in shape and I got it about half a month ago. The supplier claims that it can last for 1.5 to 2 years, but only time will tell whether it is true or not. My last hair extensions, made of Virgin Indian Hair, also kept in good shape 7 months after I got it, but the fact proved that it only lasted for less than 1 year.

Its delivery service is so-so. It took me 9 days to receive my hair. Because I was in America and the shop was in UK, this delivery time was acceptable.

Maybe many people think that it is too expensive–The hair is 16″ and it costs GBP189.99.

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Virgin Brazilian Hair 3Bundles Deep Curly 300g/Lot Natural black Review


These virgin Brazilian Hair extensions were bought 2 months ago and now everything goes well with them except for a few frizzy hair and split ends occur. They cost me $119. It was quite worthy that I could get 3 bundles. I remember that the shop owner offered me fast delivery–totally 5days. The customer service was satisfying as well–answering every question timely and in detail.

Although the hair did not smell well at the beginning and the hair ends were a little thin, I considered this purchasing as a satisfying overall.

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Virgin Malaysian Loose Wave Weft Extension Review


I bought this Virgin Malaysian Loose Wave Weft Extension at a price of USD142.80 and the length was 16 inches. The texture looks cool, right? Yes, I chose this extensions because of its good looking texture. The hair was made of Virgin Malaysian real human hair, as I found only a little frizzy hair. The cuticle of real human hair runs at the same direction, right? When I wore the extensions out, no one noticed that I wore hair extensions because it blent into my natural hair so naturally.

But One thing I complainted a lot was its processing time. It took me four days. My friend told me that the so-called order processing time meant the product producing time.

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Virgin Mongolian Kinky Curly Hair



The reviews in its facebook- Mercy’s Hair Extensions-attracted me to browse at this on line shop.  The price of this Virgin Mongolian Kinky Curly Hair was acceptable and there were many good reviews on the facebook, which were the reasons why I chose it.  I had to admit that the final effect looked very well, just as same as the picture above. It fitted me even better after I had it coloured a little bit.

But the matter is that it was a little frizzy and shedded a little bit several days later. The customer service told me it was normal because I did not take good care of it. Of course what she said made me unhappy but I did not want to waste time arguing with her.

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3 bundles-one head 5A 100% Russian virgin hair weave-body wave


It is the Top Grade Russian Virgin Hair. Because Virgin Russian Hair is nourishing and alive, it can last very long time when using and it can be washed, cut, straightened and so on.
This 3 bundles-one head 5A 100% Russian virgin hair weave-body wave is what I got from its on-line shop. I is super long for me and the hair texture is soft. After I apply it to my existing hair, it appears to be quite shiny and natural.


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