Design Lengths Remy Straight Clip-In 18 Inch in Black Review



I bought these extensions because the sales person at Sally‘s said that they were the same quality and the same manufacturer as Euronext which I had previously purchased and worn for 8 months, dying them frequently within that time. So I purchased these extensions in the lightest blonde because I intended on dying them and brought them to my hair stylist. Upon putting the dye on the extensions she said they felt waxy and not at all like human hair. She left the dye on for the appropriate amount of time, rinsed it off and all the color came off with it. She tried again and the color did not take. After several hours and hundreds of dollars later I walked out of the salon with bright neon orange extensions after trying for a strawberry blonde. I never had any trouble with Euronext and I am disappointed with Sally’s for even carrying such a terrible product and try to pass if off as even close to the same as Euronext. Not to mention there are no returns or money back. Do not waste your money on these!!!
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