Glam Time Hair Dark Blonde #18 Review


I bought the gorgeous 160 gram set at the price of $139. The quality of the hair is so-so, neither too good nor too back. The hair ends is a little bit dry and the hair kind of lacks shine. But the hair is soft and tangle free. I can get a full head of blonde locks after the applying and it is hard to tell that I’m wearing hair extensions.

If taking the price into consideration, I think the extensions is worth buying, because $139 is a small sum of money when it comes to buying suitable hair extensions.

Another thing about the extensions is that whether it can last longer. I can not answer the question, as I only keep the extensions just for two weeks. I washed it once, never curled, straightened or dyed it. Although it is claimed to be dyeing, straightening, curling–feasible, I had better not do that. You know, even our natural hair is apt to have hair problem after heating or chemical styling, how can I trust that hair extensions can keep in good shape after those processes?

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