Long Blonde Wavy Chic Wig Hairstyle For Women


Recently I found I suffered from some hair problems, like greasy hair, split ends and dry hair end. That’s why I could not have my hair straightened to attend one of my close friend’s weeding. For fear of damaging my image, I had to choose a wig to change my terrible hairstyle. Then I visited hairplusbase.com for a wig on the advise of my friend. The hairstyle was just as same as the pic above. It was average size and fitted my head well. It was said that it was a full lace front monofilament wig. I found that it was true because it was comfortable for me and the hair seemed to grow out of the scalp. The hair was soft and shiny. I love this wig. Thanks for the patient reply of the customer service in Haiplusbase.

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