Mine Black 220g Ultimate Volume Set Review


It is my second time buying hair extensions from Hair Kandy. As for this set of 20 inches 220 grams mine black clip in hair extensions, it took me $199.99.  It is a rational price, neither too high nor too low. As far as I am concened, it is almost impossible to buy high quality hair extensions at a low price. I once bought some, low price but also poor quality.

The hair looks shiny and touches soft, like my natural hair. It blent well into my natural hair, helping create a voluminous hair look for me. I have kept it for about one month. Because I have been taking good care of it, never curling, straightening and dyeingit, it keeps in good shape now. I have no idea whether it will deform undering chemical or heating styling, as I never treat my Hair Kandy extensions like that, neither my last set of black clip-ins from this store.


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