Satin Strands Premium 100% Remy Human Hair Tape-In Extensions 18″ Review


I bought two packages of these extensions, as each package is 40g, and about 80g can add kind of volume to my hair. As it cost $89.99 for only 40g hair extensions, I expected the extensions to be of high quality. But, I found nothing worthy of $89.99 per pack.
The first thing I did was wash, condition and dry to get the chemical smell out. The smell remains, but the shine did not. When wet, they get wavy, and then very frizzy and dull once dried. They weren’t very terrible, but even my own color-treated hair is not as frizzy as this hair.
Then, I dyed the hair a little bit to create highlights, but disappointment once again. I don’t know what chemicals are used to treat the hair, but it’s definitely not virgin hair! I found it very very difficut to dye the hair. And the final look of the dyed extensions was so disgusting.  I doubted whether it could last for one week, not to mention its several months guarantee.
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