Satin Strands Remy I-Tip Rio Nights Review

I like the extensions bought from sallybeauty. I have used these and really liked them. I did not fuse them into my hair but rather used the little metal loops to clamp them in. It looked natural, was very versitile and I was able to remove them and then put them back in 3 more times. They held up to blow drying, flat ironing and curling with a high heat curling iron. I was smart enough to keep the heat away from the tips to prevent melting. As for the white residue stated in other comments- I never experienced that. I think its about how you care for them once they are in. I used 6 packages and it was enough- however I don’t have super thick hair. Puting them in the way I did I think is best- there’s no glue fused to you hair and if one slips out of the metal loop its super easy to put back in. I will be buying more!
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