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16″ 20pcs Tape In Human Hair Extensions Red Review


The 16 inches tape  in hair extensions weighs 30g and costs $49.99. The price and the quantity are Ok, but the quality is kind of disappointing.

It is kind of like synthetic fiber hair, touched a little coarse. The hair ends are a little dry and messy. Although my dyed hair is also a little dry, I still do not want to have a pack of dry hair extensions.

But I have to admit that the red hue looks good and the extensions blend into my natural hair so well. If I ignore the coarse surface and the dry ends, it should be worth investment.

I placed the order on Monday, and received my hair next Monday, an average speed.

I have no idea how long the extensions will last, so far they keep in shape.

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Sunset Blonde Clip In Hair Extensions


This is my second set of hair extensions. My first set (now worn out) was from a different company. Cashmere hair is beautiful, soft and thick. I LOVE the way it feels.

I have to take away one star because I feel like the various shades could have been blent a little more thoroughly. Closer to the clips you can almost see a stripped effect. I would never highlight my hair this way, so I really don’t want extensions to look like this.

The hair blent into my natural hair quite naturally, and the stunning effect made me love the extensions a lot. Compared with my first extensions, this one is of better quality, although the price is higher. It is worthy to buy a set of quality hair extensions at the price of $199.95. Since I want my hair look more beautiful, it worths nothing if I select terrible extensions at low price.

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16 Inch Pink Tape In Human Hair Extensions 20pcs Review


Nice pink tape in hair extensions!! I used this to create highlights and the result appeared to be stunning. After I sticked the extensions to my hair, it held tightly, and it moved like my natural hair. The hair is soft and tangle free. You know, some hair may turn dry after chemical treatment, but this set of hair extensions meet nothing like dry hair.

I have kept the extensions for about two months. I applied about 10 pieces of them to my hair each time. It looked like I actually dyed my  hair. To keep my hair safe, I removed the extensions every two weeks and then letted my hair have short rest. At present, the extensions still keep in good shape, except for the tape.

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Kinky Curl Brazilain Virgin Hair Extensions 4Pcs/Lot Review


The shipping time was great, taking me only 4 days to receive the hair. The four bundles of 16 inches hair wefts were all thick, the texture was great, and of course,in shiny dark brown color, just like what was shown in the picture above.

But, there was a weird smell on the hair, maybe the smell of chemicals in process. Well, I could not make it clear. I co-washed the hair several times but the smell was still there. The hair ends was a little bit dry and messy, just like the one of  over-processed hair. In the description of the hair, the mark of virgin hair can be seen. According to what I see. it is difficult for me to believe that it is unprocessed hair.

I have worn the hair for 3 weeks, so far so good, except for the smell and dry hair ends.

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16 Inch Ombre Clip In Remy Human Hair Extensions Body Wave 9pcs Review


The hair look I got after I applied the extensions did not exactly look like the one shown above, because my extensions were only 16 inches. The color and the texture are just like what is shown above. The hair looked shiny, felt soft. After I applied the extensions, it looked like all the hair was mine.

I got the hair 2 months ago and wore it usually. So far, the hair keeps in good shape. I have to admit that another reason is that I have been taking good care of it.

The hair took me 1 week to receive it.

I  think the hair is worth buying, considering its quality and price.  If I want to buy another set of hair extensions, the Hair Plus Base will be at the list.

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16″ Dark Auburn(#33) 100S Micro Loop Remy Human Hair Extensions Review


Actually, I seldom wrote review on my online-shopping product, but I think this one is worthy of recommending. The first time I had it kept on my head for a month, and the hair looked so good. But one of my frineds told me that the result would be more stunning if I tighten the hair once a week. I did it and achieved it.

I like dark auburn a lot. It made me look good and feel good. That’s why I chose this bundle of 16 inches dark auburn micro loop hair extensions. Since 100 strands did not heavy, I did not feel them at all. I wanted hair extensions simply to add volume to my natural hair, and this one met my requirement. Of course, the quality of the hair was so good, just like my natural hair. Besides, only a few color fading was found, much better than other hair extensions I had had.

It took me 9 days to receive the hair, the only dissatisfying matter.

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16 Inch Excellent Straight Clip In Human Hair Extensions #27 Strawberry Blonde Review


The 16 inches clip in human hair extensions I bought was just like the one shown in the picture. I loved the hair the first sight I uncovered the package. It looked soft and shiny, and I could not find any messiness on the hair.  But it appeared to a little unnature for me because my natural hair was a little messy. The hair was too good for my natural hair to handle it.

It took me 7 days to receive the hair, an acceptable speed.

The price was beyond my budget, costing me only about $40.

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full head hair extensions 7pcs Body Wavy #1B Natural Black Clip In 70g Review


I bought this set of natural black clip in hair extensions at the price of $47.99. The price is low but the quality is good enough to meet my requirement. Just like my natural hair, the hair is soft and a little frizzy. Most important, it looks natural, and can blend well into my natural hair. One clip is broken. But luckily, the shop owner sent me 3 additional clips.

I have kept the hair for more than 2 months and wore it occasionally. The hair looks good till now.

It took me 8 days to receive the hair, a little slow for me.



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16″ Loose Waves Clip-In Extension by Hairdo


I chose this set of 16″ loose waves clip in hair extensions because it was produced by Hairdo, one of my favorite hair extensions brand.

Admittedly, the quality of this one was as same as those I had had. Satisfying, of course. And it had a low price, costing me only $59.

But if you are looking for real human hair extensions, this one is not right for you, because of its being made of synthetic fiber, which means it can not be styled like human hair.

The shipping speed was acceptable, 6 days delivery. So sad that I could not enjoy the free shipping because it is only available for orders over $79.

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16″ Golden Blonde(#16) 7pcs Clip In Human Hair Extensions


I got this set of 16 inches clip in hair extensions at the price of $74.95. The quality of it is acceptable, just like my natural hair. Since the price is not high, I think this is a happy shopping experience.

Of course, compared with my other hair extensions, this one is a little frizzy. But when it comes to the price, this little matter can be neglected. You know, almost each of my other extensions cost me several hundreds.

But if you want a set of hair extensions urgently, this one is not right for you. It took me 11 days to receive the hair.


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