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Platinum Blonde #90 – Regular 18″ Clip In Human Hair Extensions 125g Review


It is my first time to buy clip in hair extensions in Foxy Locks Extensions. Honestly, the extensions are OK, if taking its price into consideration.

Compared with the extensions I have, its quality is not the best, just so-so. But because I spend a lot on them, I want to try the one which is less expensive and of acceptable quality. This one is what I want to get.

The extensions are made from remy human hair, just like what I have. The hair is also soft, and the color is fine. But the hair ends is a little dry and the one clip is broken. Well, it is a piece of cake to get another clip.

Speaking of the shipping, I think it is reasonable to spend 7 days to receive the extensions.


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18 Inch 20pcs Straight Cheap but Practical Tape In Human Hair Extensions Pink Review


Highlights and pastel seem to be popular this year, so I chose this pack of 18 inches pink tape in hair extensions to decorate my natural hair. You know, because of frequent heat styling, that my natural hair is a little brittle, and then I did not dare to dye it these several months.

I received the extensions one week ago and have worn them for several days. Honestly, I satisfy the extensions, because of their quality, their blending well into my natural hair and their shiny pink color.

The extensions only cost me about $50 dollars, quite competitive price.

One thing I also want to mention is the nice service. Thanks very much for Grace’s patient and detailed reply every time.

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Satin Strands Premium 100% Remy Human Hair Tape-In Extensions 18″ Review


I bought two packages of these extensions, as each package is 40g, and about 80g can add kind of volume to my hair. As it cost $89.99 for only 40g hair extensions, I expected the extensions to be of high quality. But, I found nothing worthy of $89.99 per pack.
The first thing I did was wash, condition and dry to get the chemical smell out. The smell remains, but the shine did not. When wet, they get wavy, and then very frizzy and dull once dried. They weren’t very terrible, but even my own color-treated hair is not as frizzy as this hair.
Then, I dyed the hair a little bit to create highlights, but disappointment once again. I don’t know what chemicals are used to treat the hair, but it’s definitely not virgin hair! I found it very very difficut to dye the hair. And the final look of the dyed extensions was so disgusting.  I doubted whether it could last for one week, not to mention its several months guarantee.
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Glam Time Hair Dark Blonde #18 Review


I bought the gorgeous 160 gram set at the price of $139. The quality of the hair is so-so, neither too good nor too back. The hair ends is a little bit dry and the hair kind of lacks shine. But the hair is soft and tangle free. I can get a full head of blonde locks after the applying and it is hard to tell that I’m wearing hair extensions.

If taking the price into consideration, I think the extensions is worth buying, because $139 is a small sum of money when it comes to buying suitable hair extensions.

Another thing about the extensions is that whether it can last longer. I can not answer the question, as I only keep the extensions just for two weeks. I washed it once, never curled, straightened or dyed it. Although it is claimed to be dyeing, straightening, curling–feasible, I had better not do that. You know, even our natural hair is apt to have hair problem after heating or chemical styling, how can I trust that hair extensions can keep in good shape after those processes?

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Latina Body Wave


I absolutely loved the extensions. I selected the 18 inches option. After the applying, the finished look was so stunning, so beautiful with a slight wave. I did not apply any product to it , not even a bit of hairspray. I just combed it in the morning and at night. The wave was amazing even after one and a half month. After that, I add a bit of Redken curvaceous so I could define the curls in a certail style. The color was attractive, my favorite color. It did not fade after such a long time of wearing.

I love the hair. And I quite remember its fast shipping and its nice customer service.


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18 Inch Body Wave Clip In Hair Extensions Classic Three Tone Ombre 9 Pieces Review


This set of 18 inches body wave clip in hair extensions meets my requirement. Before I decided to buy this, I hesitated because I was worried about the actual style of it. You know, I once bought ombre hair extensions from other on-line store, but I got the hair whose color was largely different from the pictures in the website. So my basic requirement of my ombre extensions is color-match.

Just like my natural hair, the extensions are soft and shiny, but a little dry at the hair ends.  The color matched my hair color well. When I applied the extensions to my natural hair, the trace of wearing hair extensions was indistinguishable .

I placed my order on Monday, and received my hair on Next Monday, neither fast nor slow.

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18 Inch Length – Luxury Grade 5A Remy Cuticle Intact Human Hair Review


I selected this set of 18 inches, 160 grams, #4 clip in hair extensions from this store. There is nothing wrong with the product itself, the hair being soft and shiny. Because the extensions is made of remy human hair, the cuticles run the same direction, making the extensions tangle free. I have straightened and curled the extensions once. So far, they still kept in good shape. I bought it about 1 month ago.

What I want to complain is the shipping delivery. It took me such a long long time to receive the hair. The customer service stuff told me the order process for customized product would took 15 to 18 business days. But in other store, even I select custom-made extensions, it only takes me about 5 days in order processing. So I can not understand why there is 15 -18 dyas matter.

The price is acceptable, costing me $169.

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18″ Purple Straight Clip In Highlight Review


I bought this set of 18″ purple clip in hair extensions to do highlights.  This package contains 6 pieces of extensions, and the hair is soft, tangle free and shiny. But the extensions look like barbie hair, so I think they are not made of human hair.

If used to add color to my natural hair, the extensions meet my requirement. But for synthetic fiber hair, the price of $34.99 is a little expensive.

Considering the overall effect when I applied the extensions, I think these extensions are acceptable, although the price is a little high.

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#1 Jet Black – 18 Inches Long Review


I got this set of 18 inches 120 grams jet black straight clip in hair extensions at the price of $139. The quality is satisfying, well matching to its price.

After applying it to my hair, the hair blent well into my natural hair, the final appearance giving me an illusion that I have a head of long and voluminous hair.

I placed the order on Frinday, and receive the hair on next Wednesday. I think the delivery speed is satisfying as well.


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