20 inches

California Blonde Clip In Hair Extensions



I received my 20 inches cashmere clip in hair extensions several days ago and I was soooo impressed with them. The hair looked and felt so good, smooth, soft, shiny. The clips were good too, clipping well into my hair. I had a full head of gorgeous hair after the application.

I have only kept the hair for several days. I wore it daily, and removed it at night. The application only takes me a few minutes, so I can take time to apply it to my hair everyday.

If the extensions can last long, I will visit the store next time. You know, the price of each pack of cashmere extensions is higher than those of my other hair extensions. So far, I think it worths the price.

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Mine Black 220g Ultimate Volume Set Review


It is my second time buying hair extensions from Hair Kandy. As for this set of 20 inches 220 grams mine black clip in hair extensions, it took me $199.99.  It is a rational price, neither too high nor too low. As far as I am concened, it is almost impossible to buy high quality hair extensions at a low price. I once bought some, low price but also poor quality.

The hair looks shiny and touches soft, like my natural hair. It blent well into my natural hair, helping create a voluminous hair look for me. I have kept it for about one month. Because I have been taking good care of it, never curling, straightening and dyeingit, it keeps in good shape now. I have no idea whether it will deform undering chemical or heating styling, as I never treat my Hair Kandy extensions like that, neither my last set of black clip-ins from this store.


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California Blonde Clip In Hair Extensions Review


I like the 20 inches extensions so much. I just received them and I am so so so impressed with them.

I have bought so many hair extensions, such as Bellami. Compared with Bellami hair, I think this one is quite good. The color is more natural, and the hair is soft and shiny. Bellami’s dirty blonde is pink-ish, looking kind of unnatural. If only considering the quality, this one is much better than Bellami hair.

But the price is a little higher than that of Bellami hair.

I have no idea whether I will be the regular customer of Cashmere hair. If the extensions can be long lasting and keep in good shape for a long time, I will purchase another set of Cashmere hair. Since I only keep the hair for several days, I do not know whether it can last long.



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Bambina 160g 20” Vibrant Red (33) Review


I like Kylie and hair extensions. That’s why I like Bellami Hair.

I have been looking for a trustable brand of hair extensions for a long time. As I have thin hair naturally, I covet those who have full and stunning hair. These recently years I has noticed that many people, from celebrities to some of my friends always rock a head of charming hair. Generally, I made it clear that many of them achieved those hair makeover with the assistance of hair extensions. So, I became the fan of hair extensions since then.

But I also noticed that a large amount of hair extensions stores are available in the market, and it was difficult for me to tell which one was trustable. Honestly, I have been cheated by some stores that provided low quality hair extensions. Since last year, when I heard about my star Kylie joined the Bellami, I have been one of loyal customers of it. Trust me, if the hair of it is not of high quality, I would not be the frequent customer of it and would not introduce it to my friends.

Not only its premium hair extensions but also its very nice customer service attracts me a lot. I like the hair and the guys there.

Maybe for some people, the price of hair in this store is a little bit higher, when comparing it with those in other stores. But once considering the quality and service, you will find it worthy.

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Dark Brown Clip In Hair Extensions Review


This set of 20 inches dark brown clip in hair extensions is beautiful. As I have thin hair, I have been looking for extensions to add volume. In the past I purchased 2 sets from other companies, but they were not impressed, maybe because of their low price. This set of Cashmere hair extensions are of high quality and it has lots of hair. After I installed it to my natural hair, I got intant voluminous hair look, and it appeared to be natural. I had the extensions applied by a professional hairstylist in LA, another reason for the super fantastic final result. When I gave the extensions to the hairstylist, she also admitted that they looked so good. And when I told her the extensions cost me $289.95, she said that it was worthy.

It took me 7 or 8 days to receive the hair, just like those of my previous hair extensions.

Although $289.95 was a little much for me, I would like to have this one, rather than those cheaper ones which of relative poor quality.

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20″ Same Length Loose Wave 100% Indian Virgin Hair Extension Weft – Natural Black (#1B) Review


I chose this set of natural black loose wave Indian virgin hair wefts from abhair, because of its low price. This set contains 2 bundles of hair wefts and it cost me only $119.00, much cheaper than other extensions I have.

Just as its name suggests, it is virgin hair and it is completely unprocessed. When I received the extensions, it looked like my natural hair. Even though I have the extensions straighted and curled for several times,  the hair keeps in good shape. Of course, it doesn’t look like a new bundle of extensions.

I have been always taking good care of the extensions, shampooing and conditioning it often.

I have no idea how long it will last. I have had it for 2 months, and everything goes well so far.

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Brown Clip In Hair Extensions Review


This is the most expensive clip in hair extensions I have bought.  It cost me $289.95 and the length of it is only 20″.

But although the extensions is expensive, its quality is satisfying. The hair is soft, like my natural hair, and it blends well into my own hair, forming an illusion that I have all the hair naturally. I almost wear them every day because it helps me gain lots of compliment. Some of my friends even ask me where I buy the extensions from, and they don’t believe those are extensions. Therefore, I do recommentd this store to them.

I like the extensions soooo much. I will buy more in the future.

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20 inch Natural Black(#1B) Coarse Yaki Clip in Hair Extensions 160g Review


I bought this set of 20 inches natural black coarse Yaki cllip in hair extensions two months ago, and the hair looks so good till now.

Compared to some other extension I have had, the price here is lower. The extensions are beautiful, and  very natural-looking. And what I like them most is that the bundles are full from top to bottom. After applied to my natural hair, the extensions blend into my natural hair seamlessly.

The shipping is neither fast nor slow. It took me 7 days to receive the hair.


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