26 inches

8pc Straight 16″ Extensions Review


Generally speaking, I like this pack of 8 pieces straight 16 inches hair extensions. Although they are synthetic strands, the color variation makes them look astonishingly natural! I have found that, with a gentle wash & condition with Organix Brazilian Keratin Therapy formula, then allowed to straight hang-dry with a spritz of Not Your Mother’s He wants a separation. To Grow Leave-In Conditioner, they are shiny and feel soft & like new!

However, there are still some disadvantages of the extensions. The smaller pieces of extensions are easy to use, but the larger pieces are hard to use.

I have fine hair, so I want hair extensions to add volume. Most of the time, the extensions match into my natural hair so well, but there is execption sometimes.

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22″ 24″ 26″ Mix Length Virgin Malaysian Hair Bundles Loose Wave Review


Bad quality!! The hair wefts I got look totally unlike what are shown in the picture above. Well, I have to admit that the color is the same.

The hair is messy and dry, espeecially at the hair ends. The hair texture may be the same, but not the one that I like. I have been quite confused that whether it is really virgin Malaysian hair. Virgin hair means hair unprocessed. But this one has dry and messy hair ends, which seems to be consequence of heating or chemical process.

I have not untied the three bundles since I want to return the hair. For several days, the guy of the customer service has been negotiating this matter with me. No matter how hard it is, I will return them.

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26 Inches #8 Ash Brown Unusual Clip In Hair Extensions Curly 7 Pieces Review


The 26 inches ash brown clip  in hair extensions are just like the extensions shown above, the same texture, the same hair color, and full-of-luster. Besides, the hair is soft and no dry ends can be found. But one thing about it was that I could not achieve the super full curly hair look like the picture shows although I teased out the curls in the extensions.  My hairstylist said that it was a little difficult to create such a full head with a set of 7 pieces of clip in hair extensions and she suggested me to get more. She admitted that the extensions were good, although it was a little thin for me to make a head of voluminous hair.

And when I consulted the lady in the Hair Plus Base customer service center, she offered the same advice. I am going to place my second order these several days. I am looking forward to receiving it and make a super cool hairstyle.


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26″ Brazilian Virgin Hair Straight #1B Natural Black 2 Pcs


I got two pieces of 26 inches Brazilian virgin hair from this online store. For me, 100 grams hair wefts are too thin for me, so I choose two pieces.

The hair is surely human hair. It looks natural, feel soft, and is tangle free. After I applied them via clips, the hair blent well into my natural hair, making an illusion that I got all the hair naturally. Of course, I can buy clip in hair extensions directly. But a set of clip in hair extensions that weighs 200 grams and is as long as 26 inches must cost much more than those of hair wefts.  These 2 pieces of hair wefts cost me about $200, an acceptable price.

It took me 7 days to receive the hair, a speed neither fast nor slow.

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26 Inch Claw Clip Human Hair Ponytail Soft Straight #1B Natural Black Review


I wanted a long and voluminous ponytail, but the one I had is short and thin. That’s why I chose this piece of 26 inches claw clip human hair ponytail.

It was so convenient that I could easily apply it to my existing ponytail. The hair of it was soft and tangle free, just like my natural hair. It was said to be human hair, and I agreed on this point.

The shipping of it was free and fast, taking me 5 days to receive it, an acceptable speed.

I spent $139 on it, a reasonable price that I thought,  considering its length, weight and quality.

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