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32 Inch Straight Clip In Human Hair Extensions #27 11 Pieces Review


I have been looking for 32 inches for several days, and then here came this store. Before making up my mind to buy this set of #27 32 inches straight clip in hair extensions, I consulted the customer service some questions, like whether the color was what was shown in the picture, whether the hair was smooth, and whether the hair could blend well into my natural hair. I got all positive replies.

And the result didn’t disappoint me. Just like what Grace in the customer service department replied, the hair is soft, tangle free and shiny. I got a full head of gorgeous hair after the applying.

I only keep the extensions for about one month, so I have no idea how long it will last. But depending on its high quality, I think it can be long lasting.

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32 Inch Long Salable Straight Clip In Hair Extensions #1 Jet Black 11 Pieces Larger Sets Review


It seems that only a few on-line stores selling 32 inches clip in hair extensions. That’s one of the reason for my choosing Best Hair Base.

Speaking of this set of 11 pieces jet black 32 inches clip in hair extensions, I think high quality can be one of its advantage. Just like its description on the website, it is made of premium remy human hair and the cuticles run in the same direction. The hair is soft, tangle free, and of course, shiny. It contains quite a lot hair and 32 inches is so long. Once applied, the hair blends well into my natural hair, even giving me an illusion that I have a head of voluminous hair naturally.

I think its price is not high, cost me $214.95 for 32 inches and 215 grams hair extensions.

And the delivery is satisfying.–Being free and fast.

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