cashmere hair

Sunset Blonde Clip In Hair Extensions


This is my second set of hair extensions. My first set (now worn out) was from a different company. Cashmere hair is beautiful, soft and thick. I LOVE the way it feels.

I have to take away one star because I feel like the various shades could have been blent a little more thoroughly. Closer to the clips you can almost see a stripped effect. I would never highlight my hair this way, so I really don’t want extensions to look like this.

The hair blent into my natural hair quite naturally, and the stunning effect made me love the extensions a lot. Compared with my first extensions, this one is of better quality, although the price is higher. It is worthy to buy a set of quality hair extensions at the price of $199.95. Since I want my hair look more beautiful, it worths nothing if I select terrible extensions at low price.

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California Blonde Clip In Hair Extensions Review


I like the 20 inches extensions so much. I just received them and I am so so so impressed with them.

I have bought so many hair extensions, such as Bellami. Compared with Bellami hair, I think this one is quite good. The color is more natural, and the hair is soft and shiny. Bellami’s dirty blonde is pink-ish, looking kind of unnatural. If only considering the quality, this one is much better than Bellami hair.

But the price is a little higher than that of Bellami hair.

I have no idea whether I will be the regular customer of Cashmere hair. If the extensions can be long lasting and keep in good shape for a long time, I will purchase another set of Cashmere hair. Since I only keep the hair for several days, I do not know whether it can last long.



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