12″ – 34″ Brunet Ombre Brazilian Remy Hair Body Wave Three Tone Wefts Review


I have used extensions from different companies, but I must say the quality of this set of Brazilian Remy hair is the most satisfying at the price of $72.95. I remembered when I recieve the hair, they were so soft and not shedding when my fingers ran through them. After a couple of months it was still so soft and healthy looking. Speaking of the shipping, they sent my package to me within 4 days without extra shipping expense.

It was my first time to wear ombre hair extensions and the result was quite good. Of course, comparing  with wearing jet black hair extensions, I appeared to be more fashion without causing any damage to my natural hair because I did not need to dye it.

All in all, I like my hair extensions and I will be a regular customer of this on-line shop.

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7Pcs/Full Head Set Virgin Remy Hair Clip In Human Hair Extension Review


I will never buy anything from this on-line shop. The first thing was about its delivery. Actually, the shipping was acceptable–3 days. But how could it take 5 days for the order processing and I needed  to push it again and again by email. I once heard that there was only a few ready-to-buy hair extensions available and the rest needed to be processed after the order was placed. So, this happened to me as well. What the suck.

I always insist not buying cheap hair extensions as the cheap one appears to be cheap. Because one of my friends bought a set of hair extensions from this shop and the quality was acceptable, I thought it would be OK to get a high quality at a low price. But the fact told me that I should do what I used to insisting.  Price is in proportional to quality.

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Janet Collection Wig – Helen


It is the cheapest wig I have, only costing me US$27.95. I bought it for three reasons. First, cover my unsightly fresh hairdo. Second, I like its hairstyle. Third, its low price. It looked well on me and I have kept it for one month.  But I found some hair fall out of the wig cap. So if I look for a wig not for temporary use, I will not choose this one.

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15 Inch Full Head Remy Clip in Human Hair Extensions – Lightest Blonde (#60)


 I bought this 15 inch full head remy clip in human hair extensions-lightest blonde(#60)  in this on-line shop, and it costed me only £34.99. I thought it was made from real human hair as I have worn it for one month and I saw nothing frizzy and it looks like my natural hair after being applied.  Besides, I appreciated its delivery.  The order was placed in Monday and I got my hair four days later.


But it seemed that I got the wrong hair color. I ordered lightest  blonde, and I got platinum blonde.  Another matter was about its clips. I felt my hair dragged by some clips and I had to replace two clips.

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