chocolate brown

Straight Fusion Hair Review


I chose two packs of 22 inches chocolate brown fusion hair extensions from this store, and two packs of the extensions offer me a full head of voluminous hair.

The hair was great, nice texture and color. There was virtually no shedding, no tangling and the hair maintains its silky texture. The tip however was very hard to remove even with the prescribed solvent. I applied a bit of heat to loosen the bond and slid the tip from the hair. Then followed it with solution to remove the remaining glue from the hair. I must say this left my clients hair in pretty bad shape. I’ve used Utip hair from other companies with better results.. Perhaps there is a better way to remove the tipped hair?

One of the biggest advantages of the extensions lies in its fast shipping. I placed the order on Monday and received the hair the same thursday.

The price of the extensions is neither too high nor too low. It cost me $79 per pack.

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160g Clip In Hair Extensions


Here is the reason why I choose this clip in hair extensions.

Why I choose this color? Compared with dark brown, I like chocolate brown because it appears to be shiny and stylish even though from a long distance. Besides, I notice that it is quite a popular color in Hollywood, showing its being fabulous by the dazzling image of many celebrities. Before I chose this remy human hair clip in hair extensions, I have my hair dyed into chocolate brown.

This extensions is 160g, the right weight for me. After being applied to my existing hair, I own a head of gorgeous chocolate brown hair, which is neither too thick or too thin.

Speaking of its clips, I think it is satisfying because they can help secure the extensions into my own hair.

Actually, I received it 2 weeks ago and wore it several time. I am not sure whether it will last for a long time or not. But so far, it satisfies me overall.

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