claw clip ponytail extensions

Quick Clip 3 Drama Hairpiece


The quality of this claw clip ponytail piece is satisfying. Although it is made of synthetic fiber, it does not feel like that. It touches soft, smells good, and looks fantastic.

However, they sent me the wrong color. I ordered light brown, but they gave me the middle brown. I wanted to return the hair, but the guy contacting with me seemed to be not so nice. She rejected my requirement again and again, and she even asked me to dye my hair so that it could match the hair color. Damn it. It is not the matter of money. I do not want to destroy my natural hair. I dyed it frequently in the past so it was fragile now.

At last, she decided to give me some discount for my next order. You know, I might not buy anything from this store. But I was tired of arguing with them. Maybe I will send the hair piece to my friend.


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26 Inch Claw Clip Human Hair Ponytail Soft Straight #1B Natural Black Review


I wanted a long and voluminous ponytail, but the one I had is short and thin. That’s why I chose this piece of 26 inches claw clip human hair ponytail.

It was so convenient that I could easily apply it to my existing ponytail. The hair of it was soft and tangle free, just like my natural hair. It was said to be human hair, and I agreed on this point.

The shipping of it was free and fast, taking me 5 days to receive it, an acceptable speed.

I spent $139 on it, a reasonable price that I thought,  considering its length, weight and quality.

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