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Sunset Blonde Clip In Hair Extensions


This is my second set of hair extensions. My first set (now worn out) was from a different company. Cashmere hair is beautiful, soft and thick. I LOVE the way it feels.

I have to take away one star because I feel like the various shades could have been blent a little more thoroughly. Closer to the clips you can almost see a stripped effect. I would never highlight my hair this way, so I really don’t want extensions to look like this.

The hair blent into my natural hair quite naturally, and the stunning effect made me love the extensions a lot. Compared with my first extensions, this one is of better quality, although the price is higher. It is worthy to buy a set of quality hair extensions at the price of $199.95. Since I want my hair look more beautiful, it worths nothing if I select terrible extensions at low price.

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28 Inch #8/613 Brown/Blonde Clip In Human Hair Extensions Review


Highlights seems to be popular in 2015, so I chose to dye my natural hair highlight. But after the dyeing, I found that the final look was not stunning enough, because my hair was not long and voluminous enough. Therefore, I purchased the brown/blonde clip in human hair extensions, whose color was like my hair.

Honestly, the quality of the extensions meets my requirement–soft, no smelling, tangle free, no dry hair ends. And the hair can blend seamlessly into my natural hair, helping create a full and long hair look for me.

I have kept the hair for about one and a half month. Because of my taking good care of the hair, it keeps in good shape at present. I think it can last long with my good care.

The price of the hair is quite competitive. The hair only cost me $169.95.

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Mine Black 220g Ultimate Volume Set Review


It is my second time buying hair extensions from Hair Kandy. As for this set of 20 inches 220 grams mine black clip in hair extensions, it took me $199.99.  It is a rational price, neither too high nor too low. As far as I am concened, it is almost impossible to buy high quality hair extensions at a low price. I once bought some, low price but also poor quality.

The hair looks shiny and touches soft, like my natural hair. It blent well into my natural hair, helping create a voluminous hair look for me. I have kept it for about one month. Because I have been taking good care of it, never curling, straightening and dyeingit, it keeps in good shape now. I have no idea whether it will deform undering chemical or heating styling, as I never treat my Hair Kandy extensions like that, neither my last set of black clip-ins from this store.


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Glam Time Hair Dark Blonde #18 Review


I bought the gorgeous 160 gram set at the price of $139. The quality of the hair is so-so, neither too good nor too back. The hair ends is a little bit dry and the hair kind of lacks shine. But the hair is soft and tangle free. I can get a full head of blonde locks after the applying and it is hard to tell that I’m wearing hair extensions.

If taking the price into consideration, I think the extensions is worth buying, because $139 is a small sum of money when it comes to buying suitable hair extensions.

Another thing about the extensions is that whether it can last longer. I can not answer the question, as I only keep the extensions just for two weeks. I washed it once, never curled, straightened or dyed it. Although it is claimed to be dyeing, straightening, curling–feasible, I had better not do that. You know, even our natural hair is apt to have hair problem after heating or chemical styling, how can I trust that hair extensions can keep in good shape after those processes?

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HK Full Head Hair Extensions Review


I got a set of 16-18″ 90′s blonde clip in hair extensions from Dirty Looks. I needed to get them slightly cut by my hairdresser to take a little thickness out as I have fine hair so they were a bit thick to start with, but as sonns as that was done I have been in absolute LOVE with them ever since. Once applied to my head, they blend seamlessly into my natural hair, and it looked like I have all the hair naturally.  The extensions looked natural and moved like my own hair.

One thing I was dissatisfied with was the slow shipping. It took me about 10 days to receive the hair, and I pushed it again and again by email. But the customer service was so good. Every time I sent an email, they replied me quickly and patiently.


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California Blonde Clip In Hair Extensions Review


I like the 20 inches extensions so much. I just received them and I am so so so impressed with them.

I have bought so many hair extensions, such as Bellami. Compared with Bellami hair, I think this one is quite good. The color is more natural, and the hair is soft and shiny. Bellami’s dirty blonde is pink-ish, looking kind of unnatural. If only considering the quality, this one is much better than Bellami hair.

But the price is a little higher than that of Bellami hair.

I have no idea whether I will be the regular customer of Cashmere hair. If the extensions can be long lasting and keep in good shape for a long time, I will purchase another set of Cashmere hair. Since I only keep the hair for several days, I do not know whether it can last long.



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32 Inch Straight Clip In Human Hair Extensions #27 11 Pieces Review


I have been looking for 32 inches for several days, and then here came this store. Before making up my mind to buy this set of #27 32 inches straight clip in hair extensions, I consulted the customer service some questions, like whether the color was what was shown in the picture, whether the hair was smooth, and whether the hair could blend well into my natural hair. I got all positive replies.

And the result didn’t disappoint me. Just like what Grace in the customer service department replied, the hair is soft, tangle free and shiny. I got a full head of gorgeous hair after the applying.

I only keep the extensions for about one month, so I have no idea how long it will last. But depending on its high quality, I think it can be long lasting.

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Princess Super Deluxe Hair – Black Brown – Color 1b


LUXURY PRINCESS is a very trustable brand and I love its hair extensions a lot. Even though the extensions tend to be more expensive than others that I have, I still think it is worth buying, considering its quality.

Look at the picture above, the hair looks soft, shiny and tangle free, right? Yes, I have a head of hair like this after the applying. The hair blent seamlessly into my natural hair, forming a full head of voluminous long locks.

It took me only 3 days to receive the hair, such a fast speed. I have kept the extensions for about 2 months, and so far the hair looks so good.


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Bambina 160g 20” Vibrant Red (33) Review


I like Kylie and hair extensions. That’s why I like Bellami Hair.

I have been looking for a trustable brand of hair extensions for a long time. As I have thin hair naturally, I covet those who have full and stunning hair. These recently years I has noticed that many people, from celebrities to some of my friends always rock a head of charming hair. Generally, I made it clear that many of them achieved those hair makeover with the assistance of hair extensions. So, I became the fan of hair extensions since then.

But I also noticed that a large amount of hair extensions stores are available in the market, and it was difficult for me to tell which one was trustable. Honestly, I have been cheated by some stores that provided low quality hair extensions. Since last year, when I heard about my star Kylie joined the Bellami, I have been one of loyal customers of it. Trust me, if the hair of it is not of high quality, I would not be the frequent customer of it and would not introduce it to my friends.

Not only its premium hair extensions but also its very nice customer service attracts me a lot. I like the hair and the guys there.

Maybe for some people, the price of hair in this store is a little bit higher, when comparing it with those in other stores. But once considering the quality and service, you will find it worthy.

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26 Inches #8 Ash Brown Unusual Clip In Hair Extensions Curly 7 Pieces Review


The 26 inches ash brown clip  in hair extensions are just like the extensions shown above, the same texture, the same hair color, and full-of-luster. Besides, the hair is soft and no dry ends can be found. But one thing about it was that I could not achieve the super full curly hair look like the picture shows although I teased out the curls in the extensions.  My hairstylist said that it was a little difficult to create such a full head with a set of 7 pieces of clip in hair extensions and she suggested me to get more. She admitted that the extensions were good, although it was a little thin for me to make a head of voluminous hair.

And when I consulted the lady in the Hair Plus Base customer service center, she offered the same advice. I am going to place my second order these several days. I am looking forward to receiving it and make a super cool hairstyle.


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