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#30 Medium Auburn Clip In Hair Extensions Straight CR0017 Review


I so regretted that I bought this set of clip in hair extensions because of its low price. For me, it was wasteful to get the hair even at the price of $53.99 since I once put on it once and then threw it in the basement.

The hair just looked so fake, and it did not match my natural hair at all. Besides this most annoying problem, I was so “amused” by its poor quality clips which dragged my hair hard. I once thought about returning the item but it took me a long time to negotiate with its customer service, so I gave up. I SWORE THAT I WILL NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS ONLINE SHOP.

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20″ 7pcs Remy Clip in Straight Human Hair Extensions, 70g – Free Shipping


The price of the clip in hair extensions was very cheap, and it only costed me US$29.02.

But, it does not worth buying.

  • Poor quality it is. But when I think that I bought it at the price of US$29.02, the quality is acceptable, although I will never wear the extensions out.
  • It is described as human hair extensions, but the hair I receive just appeard to be nothing but fake looking. I doubt whether it is hair piece for toys.
  • It took me half a month to receive the good. The customer service staff tolk me that it was caused by customs delay. But, I have no idea whether she¬† told the truth or not.
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