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Luxy Hair-Clip In Hair Extensions Dark Brown


This is my first time buying Luxy hair extensions, and it was suggested by one of my friends. Actually, I have worn hair extensions for the past two years, but I never bought hair extensions so satisfying.

I received the hair extensions 2 months ago, and I have worn them almost everyday. Now, they still keep in good shape. They are easy to wear, easy to style and wash, and of course, so beautiful.

The price of it is reasonable. The extensions cost me $159, and I think it is worthy buying because I can get a full head of gorgeous hair.

It took me 4 days to receive the extensions. It was fast in my case. According to my friend, it is common for her to receive Luxy hair within 7 days.

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8pc Straight 16″ Extensions Review


Generally speaking, I like this pack of 8 pieces straight 16 inches hair extensions. Although they are synthetic strands, the color variation makes them look astonishingly natural! I have found that, with a gentle wash & condition with Organix Brazilian Keratin Therapy formula, then allowed to straight hang-dry with a spritz of Not Your Mother’s He wants a separation. To Grow Leave-In Conditioner, they are shiny and feel soft & like new!

However, there are still some disadvantages of the extensions. The smaller pieces of extensions are easy to use, but the larger pieces are hard to use.

I have fine hair, so I want hair extensions to add volume. Most of the time, the extensions match into my natural hair so well, but there is execption sometimes.

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22″ I-Link Pro Curly #5B (Caramel)


I loved the Donna Bella 22 inches curly I-tip hair extensions when I unpacked the package of it. The reason lies in that the hair looked and felt like my natural hair.

I had it cut a little bit so that it could blend better into my natural hair. I always take good care of the extensions, brushing it with extensions brush, shamppoing and conditioning it well, air drying or towel drying it all the time. Although it is claimed to be dyeable and heat resistant, I never dyed , straightened, or curled it. My natural hair will be fragile after chemical or heating process, so I believe that hair extensions will be more fragile if undergoing such process.

So far, the hair extensions still keep in good shape. I have kept it for about one month.


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California Blonde Clip In Hair Extensions



I received my 20 inches cashmere clip in hair extensions several days ago and I was soooo impressed with them. The hair looked and felt so good, smooth, soft, shiny. The clips were good too, clipping well into my hair. I had a full head of gorgeous hair after the application.

I have only kept the hair for several days. I wore it daily, and removed it at night. The application only takes me a few minutes, so I can take time to apply it to my hair everyday.

If the extensions can last long, I will visit the store next time. You know, the price of each pack of cashmere extensions is higher than those of my other hair extensions. So far, I think it worths the price.

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18” 7pcs Remy Clips in Human Hair Extensions 04 Medium Brown Review


The quality of the hair isn’t the problem, its the fact that they are SUPER thin and the ends are so straggly! I have been wearing hair extensions for years and I have never had a problem before.

Typically the hair will be very lush and perfectly straight at the ends. This isn’t the case with this brand or product. They look terrible on! I should have known the price was too good to be true! There are 7 tracks and with them all clipped in they barely make a difference, and adding more clips would be ridiculous because your head can only fit so many! The hair falls out very easily too! I am so disappointed with this purchase!

Also the package came shipped without any receipt and a letter that looks like a 2nd grader could have done better. All the words were misspelled and the grammar was pathetic! The e-mail address listed on the letter if you need to contact them doesn’t even work, the e-mails come back undeliverable! How can a company do business like this? So I complained on Amazon’s website and now the company doesn’t’ stop contacting me, they are even texting me from an international number asking me to remove my negative feedback!

Ummmm no! I will not, this is how people can know if they get a good or bad product, so no I will not remove my negative feedback because my negative feedback is the TRUTH!!! And don’t they realize that them texting me from an international number costing me money since I don’t have a plan that allows international texting!? How annoying! I choose to do business with Amazon so that I deal with Amazon directly now this company is e-mailing me and texting me, I am so upset! This company needs to hire someone that has the ability to properly make them the necessary documentation to include in all packages upon shipping so they look like a legit company. I am extremely frustrated and annoyed and will never order from this company again!

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20 inch JET BLACK Full Head Clip in Human Hair Extensions Review


I just received my order and the hair, if I can even call it that, is TERRIBLE!!! I have been wearing clip in extensions for years and I generally get really expensive sets for 200+ dollars, but I decided I wanted to buy a couple cheapys so I could use them a couple times and dump them. This hair is not 100% human at all. When I opened the package and touched it, the hair almost felt crunchy and had an odd color to it. I decided to pull out a couple strands and burn it to see if it was real hair and it sure did smell like plastic!!! Did the same thing to my 200 dollar extensions and it smelt like real burnt hair. I am pissed I wasted my money!

I will never buy hair extensions in this store. Before the purchasing, I already deeply doubted whether it can be real human hair possibly, because the price was incredibly low. I was not the guy who wanted to buy high quality product with very low price. But, if the hair is really not human hair, don’t rip me off.

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Design Lengths Remy Straight Clip-In 18 Inch in Black Review



I bought these extensions because the sales person at Sally‘s said that they were the same quality and the same manufacturer as Euronext which I had previously purchased and worn for 8 months, dying them frequently within that time. So I purchased these extensions in the lightest blonde because I intended on dying them and brought them to my hair stylist. Upon putting the dye on the extensions she said they felt waxy and not at all like human hair. She left the dye on for the appropriate amount of time, rinsed it off and all the color came off with it. She tried again and the color did not take. After several hours and hundreds of dollars later I walked out of the salon with bright neon orange extensions after trying for a strawberry blonde. I never had any trouble with Euronext and I am disappointed with Sally’s for even carrying such a terrible product and try to pass if off as even close to the same as Euronext. Not to mention there are no returns or money back. Do not waste your money on these!!!
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Latina Body Wave


I absolutely loved the extensions. I selected the 18 inches option. After the applying, the finished look was so stunning, so beautiful with a slight wave. I did not apply any product to it , not even a bit of hairspray. I just combed it in the morning and at night. The wave was amazing even after one and a half month. After that, I add a bit of Redken curvaceous so I could define the curls in a certail style. The color was attractive, my favorite color. It did not fade after such a long time of wearing.

I love the hair. And I quite remember its fast shipping and its nice customer service.


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Princess Super Deluxe Hair – Black Brown – Color 1b


LUXURY PRINCESS is a very trustable brand and I love its hair extensions a lot. Even though the extensions tend to be more expensive than others that I have, I still think it is worth buying, considering its quality.

Look at the picture above, the hair looks soft, shiny and tangle free, right? Yes, I have a head of hair like this after the applying. The hair blent seamlessly into my natural hair, forming a full head of voluminous long locks.

It took me only 3 days to receive the hair, such a fast speed. I have kept the extensions for about 2 months, and so far the hair looks so good.


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22″ 24″ 26″ Mix Length Virgin Malaysian Hair Bundles Loose Wave Review


Bad quality!! The hair wefts I got look totally unlike what are shown in the picture above. Well, I have to admit that the color is the same.

The hair is messy and dry, espeecially at the hair ends. The hair texture may be the same, but not the one that I like. I have been quite confused that whether it is really virgin Malaysian hair. Virgin hair means hair unprocessed. But this one has dry and messy hair ends, which seems to be consequence of heating or chemical process.

I have not untied the three bundles since I want to return the hair. For several days, the guy of the customer service has been negotiating this matter with me. No matter how hard it is, I will return them.

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