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Bambina 160g 20” Vibrant Red (33) Review


I like Kylie and hair extensions. That’s why I like Bellami Hair.

I have been looking for a trustable brand of hair extensions for a long time. As I have thin hair naturally, I covet those who have full and stunning hair. These recently years I has noticed that many people, from celebrities to some of my friends always rock a head of charming hair. Generally, I made it clear that many of them achieved those hair makeover with the assistance of hair extensions. So, I became the fan of hair extensions since then.

But I also noticed that a large amount of hair extensions stores are available in the market, and it was difficult for me to tell which one was trustable. Honestly, I have been cheated by some stores that provided low quality hair extensions. Since last year, when I heard about my star Kylie joined the Bellami, I have been one of loyal customers of it. Trust me, if the hair of it is not of high quality, I would not be the frequent customer of it and would not introduce it to my friends.

Not only its premium hair extensions but also its very nice customer service attracts me a lot. I like the hair and the guys there.

Maybe for some people, the price of hair in this store is a little bit higher, when comparing it with those in other stores. But once considering the quality and service, you will find it worthy.

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16 Inch Ombre Clip In Remy Human Hair Extensions Body Wave 9pcs Review


The hair look I got after I applied the extensions did not exactly look like the one shown above, because my extensions were only 16 inches. The color and the texture are just like what is shown above. The hair looked shiny, felt soft. After I applied the extensions, it looked like all the hair was mine.

I got the hair 2 months ago and wore it usually. So far, the hair keeps in good shape. I have to admit that another reason is that I have been taking good care of it.

The hair took me 1 week to receive it.

I  think the hair is worth buying, considering its quality and price.  If I want to buy another set of hair extensions, the Hair Plus Base will be at the list.

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Synthetic Fiber Ponytail Hair Extensions Review


I like this pack of ponytail hair extensions. Even though it is made of synthetic fiber hair, it looks, feels and touches like real human hair. The only one disadvantage of it may be its heat irresistance, so it can not be styled like my natural hair. But as it is only ponytail hair extensions, I don’t need to curl or straighten it.

The hair took me 5 days to receive it, a relative fast speed.

I have no idea how long it will last. Because I only wear it from time to time and do not style it using chemicals and heat, I think it can be long lasting and keep in good shape.

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Dark Brown Clip In Hair Extensions Review


This set of 20 inches dark brown clip in hair extensions is beautiful. As I have thin hair, I have been looking for extensions to add volume. In the past I purchased 2 sets from other companies, but they were not impressed, maybe because of their low price. This set of Cashmere hair extensions are of high quality and it has lots of hair. After I installed it to my natural hair, I got intant voluminous hair look, and it appeared to be natural. I had the extensions applied by a professional hairstylist in LA, another reason for the super fantastic final result. When I gave the extensions to the hairstylist, she also admitted that they looked so good. And when I told her the extensions cost me $289.95, she said that it was worthy.

It took me 7 or 8 days to receive the hair, just like those of my previous hair extensions.

Although $289.95 was a little much for me, I would like to have this one, rather than those cheaper ones which of relative poor quality.

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Brazilian Natural Wave Bombay Mane Collections Review

Virgin Wavy Brazilian Hair Extensions

So good this unit of Brazilian natural wave hair extensions was. Its texture and hair type are what I was looking for. I loved this soft, luscious hair sooooo much!! Can you believe that I achieved such amazing hair look like the one in the picture? It is impossible for me to image having gorgeous hair look before I had this set of hair wefts.

Because I wanted a fuller head of hair, I chose 3 bundles from this store. Of course, the price was a little bit high.

It took me 9 days to receive the hair. Maybe this is the only bad thing.


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DIRTY BLONDE (18) 22″ Tape Extensions Review


This is my first time buying hair extensions on-line. I used to getting this type of item in high street shops and had it applied by professional stylists. But because the application at salons is expensive, I decided to choose tape in hair extensions on line. By this way I can both save the money in hair extensions and application.

But a little bit disappointing, the quality of this 22  inches dirty blonde tape in hair extensions is not as good as those I have had. The hair is soft as well. But the hair ends is a little messy and the hair appears to lack shine.

Overall, considering its price, the extensions are still worth buying.


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Bobby Glam Wrap Around Ponytail Hair Extensions


Like this piece of wrap around ponytail hair extensions very much. I usually style my hair into a ponytail, but a thin ponytail. By simply adding a piece of ponytail hair extensions to my existing ponytail, I can get a stunning new one. The wonderful part I like this set of hair extensions is the wrapped strands, which make my ponytail more stylish.

The extensions are of  high quality, being soft, tangle free and shiny, just like my natural hair. After I applied the ponytail, it looked like that I had all the hair naturally. But as a hair accessory, it is a little expensive, costing me $87.73.

It took me 7 days to receive the extensions, neither fast nor slow.

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full head hair extensions 7pcs Body Wavy #1B Natural Black Clip In 70g Review


I bought this set of natural black clip in hair extensions at the price of $47.99. The price is low but the quality is good enough to meet my requirement. Just like my natural hair, the hair is soft and a little frizzy. Most important, it looks natural, and can blend well into my natural hair. One clip is broken. But luckily, the shop owner sent me 3 additional clips.

I have kept the hair for more than 2 months and wore it occasionally. The hair looks good till now.

It took me 8 days to receive the hair, a little slow for me.



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24 Inch Ombre Clip In Remy Human Hair Extensions Three Tone Body Wave 9pcs Review


This set of 24 inches ombre clip in hair extensions is my favorite extensions. Just like my natural hair, the extensions are soft and tangle free. When I applied them to my natural hair, it just looked like that I had my full head of hair dyed into such gorgeous ombre color.

Because this was my second time buying extensions from HairPlusBase, I could enjoy a 8% discount set for regular clients.

My last set of HPB hair extensions could last for more than one year, so I think this one has no exception. I got it 1 month ago and wore it often, and the extensions keep in good shape still.

It took me 5 days to receive the hair, a satisfying speed.

All in all, I like Hairplusbase and its extensions, and I will introduce my friends to visit the shop.

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Straight Skin Weft Review


This set of hair extensions is easy to be applied, and it blends well into my natural hair. But the hair is a little bit frizzy, and it lacks gloss, different from the one shown above.  The total weight of it is 0.6 oz, too thin for me. So I had to buy one more set from this online store.

The delivery is fast, taking me 5 days to receive the hair.

I have no idea how long this extensions can last. I got it about 2 months ago, and so far it has kept in good shape.

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