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Natural Color Brazilian Curl Brazilian Virgin Hair Weave 3pcs Bundle Review


Like the hair so much! No tangles, no shedding, and of course, soft hair. The hair is shiny, making my natural hair kind of fading, but still wonderful final look.  Although the hair is not curly enough to meet my requirement, I look very very good in these 3 bundles of hair weave, such a full head of hair.

I received the hair in 5 days, so good.

I would like to thanks the guy in this store who always replied my questiongs patiently and quickly. And she gave me some useful tips for how to take good care of the hair. Such a nice guy.

I’ve only had this hair installed for about a month, but I’m experiencing almost no shedding and the hair holds curls quite well. Everything is great! Love the so much!

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Brazilian Remy Hair Straight Ombre Hair Weave Two Tone Color BR0011


Although this set of  hair weave cost me only $74.99, it met my requirement and offered me a head of gorgeous locks, which helped me earn a plenty of compliments from my friends and colleagues. The shop owner said I may need three bundles to make a fuller hair look, but actually one bundle was enough for me.

The hair was soft and the hair color was full of luster, just like what the picture showed. I got the hair three months ago, by now, everything goes well.

I like the gift sent by the shop owner. It is a hair band, so beautiful. I quite appreciated the good job of myhairron and will visit it again if any possible.


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Natural Color Brazilian Wave Brazilian Virgin Hair Weave 4pcs Bundle[WB31]


I think these hair weaves are cost-effective. It has a lot of hair in a bundle and the weave is so thick , making the application easy. The hair is soft and the luster looks like my natural hair. Although I drag the weave hard, I see no hair shedding.  All in all, I quite satisfy with its quality.

Besides the quality, I think its delivery is satisfying too. I ordered it on Wednesday and received it next Wednesday.  So the whole delivery takes 5 days if weekend is deducted.

But for me, four bundles are too much. I think it will be better if I can only buy two bundles.




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Hollywood 100% Remy Human Hair Weave – Zio Remy Beach Curl 16″ Review

图片1Honestly, I regret buying this hair weave. I was attracted by its low price, and now I realize that low price is equal to poor quality.  Not the right texture,  frizzy and dry hair. So disappointed.  I have worn it for two weeks, then I removed it because I cound not bear it any more.

Apart from its low price, maybe another advantage is its right color. I did not mean that this one does not worth buying because I don’t think I can require a lot from a hair weave priced $39.99.

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