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Mine Black 220g Ultimate Volume Set Review


It is my second time buying hair extensions from Hair Kandy. As for this set of 20 inches 220 grams mine black clip in hair extensions, it took me $199.99.  It is a rational price, neither too high nor too low. As far as I am concened, it is almost impossible to buy high quality hair extensions at a low price. I once bought some, low price but also poor quality.

The hair looks shiny and touches soft, like my natural hair. It blent well into my natural hair, helping create a voluminous hair look for me. I have kept it for about one month. Because I have been taking good care of it, never curling, straightening and dyeingit, it keeps in good shape now. I have no idea whether it will deform undering chemical or heating styling, as I never treat my Hair Kandy extensions like that, neither my last set of black clip-ins from this store.


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I-Tip Natural Wave 14″ Review


Nice Quality!!

I chose two packs of this 14″ I-Tip natural wave hair extensions to make a full head. After my stylist had them fused into my natural hair, it looked like that I had a head of voluminous and shiny hair naturally. The final result looked so fantastic.

Speaking of the quality, I think it is very good. I believe it is made of high quality real human hair, because the extensions looks exactly like my natural hair. The hair is soft, shiny, and tangle-free.

I have been wearing the extensions for about 2 months. So far, every goes well. I have no idea how long it will actually last. But I think it is long lasting.

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Amber Large Wig by Jon Renau Review


Good quality wig, fashion style. And of course, high price.  I bought it at the price of $312.80.

Actually, I once bought another wig of Jon Renau 2 years ago. Although I have kept it for such a long time, it still kept in good shape. Maybe it is also because of my taking good care of it.

And this is my second wig of Jon Renau. I got it 1 month ago, and now it is also as same as a new one. So I think it is also a good choice to buy an expensive wig which is of high quality.

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12″ – 34″ Funky Brazilian Remy Hair Straight #2 and Purple Ombre Review


So stunning purple ombre hair extensions!!!! I got 2 bundles of it to make voluminous hair, and I was quite satisfied that it blent so well into my natural hair. It totally looked like my own hair.

The length I chose was 24 inches, neither too long nor too short for me. Although the shop owner could customize clip-in hair extensions in the same color for me, I still selected this kind of wefts hair extensions, because  I could apply them by means of clip-in, tape-in and weaving, all depending on my preference.

Another thing about these extensions was their delivery. Since the shop owner offers free shipping for orders over $99, I enjoyed this good service because the total value of my order is $247.9. I was waiting for 7 days to receive the hair, and it was acceptable for me.


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18 Inch #2 Dark Brown Clip In Remy Human Hair Extensions 7pcs


The first time I knew Hairplusbase was 4 months ago on Facebook. I was attracted by the good review coming from its clients.

Therefore, after some consultation with its customer service staff, I chose two sets of this 18 inche #2 dark brown clip in remy human hair extensions 7 pcs. Actually, at the beginning, I wanted to get only one pack. But Nancy, the customer service staff in Hairplusbase suggested me get two packs as one pack only contained 7 pieces and the total weight was only 70g, and the fact proved that she was right.

The final appearance of wearing my extensions satisfied me a lot. I curled all the hair to be body wavy, so that the extensions looked just as same as my own hair. Although I have kept the extensions for 3 months, they still kept in shape, and my curling and straightening seemed not to cause any damage to it. I could apply or remove them all by myself, so that I thought they were of great convenience. Their hair were of good quality, just like my own hair.

All in all, I like the extensions a lot.

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Beachy Blonde Clip in Hair Extensions- 613#/24inch 100% Human Remy Hair 120g Review


Not the thickness but the most satisfying clip in hair extensions I have got. After applying the extensions to my hair, I curled it using hair curler, and the final result is just as same as the one in the pic above. Although I have several sets of hair extensions, this one is the one I like the best. First, the clips make the application simple, so that I can do it all by myself, by which I save the expenditure in salon. Second, the quality of the hair, which is soft, silky, tangle free and full of lusture, can not meet my requirement more. Last but not least, the patient and detailed answers from its customer service staff solve all my questions. Last, the price of the extensions is beyond my budget.

In a word, I like the hair extensions and appreciate the service of the on-line shop. Of course, I will be a regular customer in the future.

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