18″ 100% REMY Human OMBRE Pastel Hair Extensions 7Pcs Clip in #A little pastel Review


Fantastic pastel hair extensions! The hair color is so awesome, exactly what I want. The hair is so soft, and I can tell it is definitely human hair extensions.

The hair extensions blend so well with my natural hair, creating a stunning highlights style for me immediatly after applied.

Another matter about the extensions lies in their high price. Honestly, if taken the full set into consideration, it was not too much to spend $154.99 in the extensions. But I just wanted the extensions to style highlights hair look.

If you are considering changing your hair into this pastel color, and would like to add length and volume to your hair, you can get this one. It is definitely worth buying.

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24 Inch Refined Three Colors Clip In Human Hair Extensions Body Wave 9pcs Review


I like this set of 24 inches clip in human hair extensions so much!!

The hair is so soft, and the color is perfect, matching perfectly with mine. Just like my natural hair, the extensions don’t tangle easily and few frizz can be found. Because I just want to add volume to my natural hair, the 9 pieces hair extensions meet my requirement.

I have kept the extensions for about 2 months. The hair keeps in good shape. Of course, this is also because of my taking good care of it.

Speaking of the shipping, I think it is OK. It took me 5 days to receive the hair, roughly as fast as the speed of my former extensions.


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24 Inch Straight Clip In Human remy Hair Extensions #12/613 12 Pieces Review


Good hair extensions, I like this!

I dyed my natural hair highlights, and the color looks like the extensions I bought. Because of the thin hair and the unsatisfying result after the dyeing, I looked for hair extensions to add length and volume. Therefore, one of my friends introduced this on-line store to me. Because of the strong recommendation of my friend and my finding the very close hair color, I made up my mind to buy this set of 24 inches #12/613 clip in hair extensions.

The result did not disappoint me at all. The shiny, soft hair, the right color,  and clips. Every thing went well. After applying the extensions to my head, I had a head of gorgours hair, which is exactly what I want.

I have kept the hair for a month. I have been taking good care of it, no dyeing, no curling, no straightening, and no blow drying. So far, the hair looks like new bought extensions.

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Sunset Blonde Clip In Hair Extensions


This is my second set of hair extensions. My first set (now worn out) was from a different company. Cashmere hair is beautiful, soft and thick. I LOVE the way it feels.

I have to take away one star because I feel like the various shades could have been blent a little more thoroughly. Closer to the clips you can almost see a stripped effect. I would never highlight my hair this way, so I really don’t want extensions to look like this.

The hair blent into my natural hair quite naturally, and the stunning effect made me love the extensions a lot. Compared with my first extensions, this one is of better quality, although the price is higher. It is worthy to buy a set of quality hair extensions at the price of $199.95. Since I want my hair look more beautiful, it worths nothing if I select terrible extensions at low price.

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28 Inch #8/613 Brown/Blonde Clip In Human Hair Extensions Review


Highlights seems to be popular in 2015, so I chose to dye my natural hair highlight. But after the dyeing, I found that the final look was not stunning enough, because my hair was not long and voluminous enough. Therefore, I purchased the brown/blonde clip in human hair extensions, whose color was like my hair.

Honestly, the quality of the extensions meets my requirement–soft, no smelling, tangle free, no dry hair ends. And the hair can blend seamlessly into my natural hair, helping create a full and long hair look for me.

I have kept the hair for about one and a half month. Because of my taking good care of the hair, it keeps in good shape at present. I think it can last long with my good care.

The price of the hair is quite competitive. The hair only cost me $169.95.

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16 Inch Pink Tape In Human Hair Extensions 20pcs Review


Nice pink tape in hair extensions!! I used this to create highlights and the result appeared to be stunning. After I sticked the extensions to my hair, it held tightly, and it moved like my natural hair. The hair is soft and tangle free. You know, some hair may turn dry after chemical treatment, but this set of hair extensions meet nothing like dry hair.

I have kept the extensions for about two months. I applied about 10 pieces of them to my hair each time. It looked like I actually dyed my  hair. To keep my hair safe, I removed the extensions every two weeks and then letted my hair have short rest. At present, the extensions still keep in good shape, except for the tape.

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15″ Purple Funky Straight Deluxe Clip In Human Hair Extension Review


I once wanted to get a full head of purple hair, that’s why I chose this set of 15″ purple clip in human hair extensions. But because finally I was afraid of the hair damage caused by hair dyeing, I did not put my thought into practice.

Speaking of these extensions, I think the quality is just so so, looking a little bit dry because of their being chemical processed. The total weight of them is 140 grams, which  is enough for me, as I only use it to make a highlights style.

If you want it urgently, you are not suggested opting for this store, since the shipping is quite slow, taking me  11 days to receive the hair.


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18inch 10pcs Straight Distinctive Tape In Real Human Hair Extensions Violet Review


Good tape in hair extensions, wow, I like it so much.

Once received the hair, I applied part of it to my hair, to make colorful highlights. And this is the purpose I bought these extensions,

because I do not want to dye my own hair but still like stunning highlights for night outs. And the result turned out that they did not disappointed me.

And the delivery of the hair was satisfying as well. Totally it takes me 7 days to get the extensions, neither too fast nor too slow.

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15 Inch 7pcs Clip In Human Hair Extensions Straight Attractive Lila Review


Bought these lila clip in hair extensions with the purpose of adding highlights to my natural hair. The result was fantastic.  It just looked like my dyed hair and I gave my friends and colleagues an illusion that I colored my natural hair.

The extensions looked and felt like human hair extensions–soft, tangle free and lustrous.

I got this 7 pieces set. The shop owner also sent me 3 additional clips so that I could replace some  when they are broken.

I did not know how long the extensions would last, but so far so good. I got them 2 months ago.


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16″ easiLites Human Hair Clip In Color (1 pc) by easihair Review


I like this collection of clip-in highlights and lowlights. The extensions are produced with protein rich 100% human hair and are available in 11 colors. I bought pink, lilac, and blue respectively to do my colorful highlights. The hair is soft and full of luster to blend so well with my natural hair, offering me a stunning hairstyle for night outs. Apart from the straight style, I also curl my natural hair and the clip in extensions to make a more stylish hairstyle. After I got the extensions, I have straightened and curled them for several times, but the extensions are still in good condition.

I bought each piece at the price of $8.95. Taking their quality into consideration, I think the price is acceptable.

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