human hair extensions

15″ #4 Medium Brown 7pcs Straight Full Head Set Clip In Human Hair Extension Review


This set of 15 inches clip in hair extensions cost me only $49.99. Although the hair is a little messy, it didn’t matter to me becauase my natural hair is also not in very good condition. Therefore, why not save money by getting hair extensions that share the same condition with my own hair.  The extensions blent into my hair once a applied them to my hair, exactly making an illusion that I own a head of voluminous hair naturally.

I bought the extensions 3 months ago and they keep in good shape till now. Since I wore it occasionally and have been taken good care of them, I  have no idea how long will they last if they are worn usually.

It took me 6 days to receive the product, an acceptable delivery speed.

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16″ Brown/Blonde(#8/613) 7pcs Clip In Remy Human Hair Extensions Review


Although this set of 16″ clip in hair extensions only cost me $54.95, I regret buying it. The moment I opened the package, I was shocked my what I saw. It was definitely not human hair, totally looking like low quality synthetic hair. The hair ends was totally in such a mess that, I could 100% ensure the hair had been over processed.

Since I had no idea whether it would look better after washing, I shampooed and conditioned it. But disappointingly, it still kept the same.

Therefore, I sent a pic of the extensions to the customer service staff to ask for returning. What the staff replied annoyed me a lot. She said that all of their products were guaranteed to be high quality and no exception was found. And they rejected my aquirement because I had already washed the extensions.

I was speechless. It was not the matter of money but their attitude. It seemed that I was a liar who cheated them for money. I promised, I will never never never buy anything from this store and asked all my friends to do the same thing.

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20″ #4 Medium Brown 7pcs Wave Full Head Set Clip In Human Hair Extension Review


Attracted by its ad when I searched relative products on google. Since its price, length and weight met my requirement, and there were some positive reviews about it, I decided to choose one.

I placed the order on August 11th, received my hair on August 24th, such a slow delivery speed.   The quality of the hair was acceptable, if the price was taken into consideration.  The hair was soft and the clips were in place. But the hair was a little messy, and it seemed to be lack of a little shine.

All in all, I am satisfied with the extensions, because of its low price. But if you are looking for high quality clip in hair extensions, this one is not right for you.

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Ombre Chestnut Extensions Review


Ombre chestnut is my favorite hair color. Every time I go to a salon to dye my hair, I always choose chestnut or color close to it.  Therefore, I choose this ombre chestnut extensions. This set of 120g suit me very well, since it blends into my natural so well and I get a head of luscious locks which is neither too thick nor too thin.

In general, the hair is of high quality, except for a little messy at the hair ends.  I receive the hair 4 days  after I placed the order.

All in all, this is a satisfying purchasing experience.

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Stranded 18″ Heat Resistant Full Head Clip in Hair Extensions Review


Speaking of the advantages of this set of clip in hair extensions, I think its low price can be plus. It only costed me £16.99. I have kept the extensions since last Friday, and everything goes well now—Tangle free, smooth, shiny and be in shape. Additionally,  it blended well with my natural hair, and no one noticed that I wore hair extensions when I went out.

However, I don’t think it will last long and I won’t use it often. Synthetic fiber can not be washed so often, but I can not stand wearing dirty hair extensions. Although it is described as heat resistant, it looks too fragile to resist even low degree of heat. Besides, some clips are in poor design and they make me uneasy.

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20″ Full Head Clip In 100% Remy Human Hair Set Colour # P16/613 Honey Blonde/Bleach Blonde


At the beginning I doubted whether it was really human hair extensions because of its low price. But the hair could be dyed, curled and straighted without damage. If you are looking for much thicker hair, maybe this is not your style. It is a little thin, but it suits my thin hair well.  I have kept the extensions for 2 months and it still keeps in good shape. Speaking of its delivery, for me, it is OK, 9 days delivery. International delivery of hair extensions always takes about 7 days excluding order processing.

Hair extensions detail:

Hair Length: 20 Inch(50 cm)
Hair Weight: 95g
Total: 8 Clip In Hair Extension Pieces With 18 Clips Attached



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24″ 7 Piece Silky Straight Clip In Human Hair Extension – Bleach White Blonde(#613)


It is my second hair extensions. My first set is micro loop hair extensions but I don’t want it on my hair all the time.  I read lots of information about clip in hair extensions and learned that it is easy to apply and remove.

Concerning this set, I think everything goes well–the hair, the clips and the delivery. The quality is like my former extensions, but this one is much cheaper and I even don’t need a hairdresser to apply them, saving certain amount of money.



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I have to admit that I was hesitant about making the purchase at the beginning as I was afraid that it wouldn’t look natural or that i’ve over paid for something sub-bar. But that was not how it turned out. In fact, the delevery was promt and the hair looked amazing. It smelled fresh, just like the one washed freshly. I couldn’t wait to apply them to my natural hair.  I got long and voluminous hair in no minute. It blended  lovely with my natural hair. When I was out with them, almost no one questioned whether it was my hair or not. Of course those who know me very well know how my hair looked like all the time. No doubt that I like this clip in hair extensions so much.



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Clip in hair extensions 18″ (45cm) – straight color #1b black


This set of clip in hair extensions are just so-so, neither good or bad. It weighs  115g and it is 18 inches long with a price of $120. So I can not require more basing on its price. The hair is soft, but a little frizz.  After wearing several times, some falls out from the clips. Of cource, it is not as shiny as the one in the image above. Except for the quality, other things are OK, like the 7 days delivery and fast reply customer service.


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15cm Solid Fringe in Platinum Blonde


Because of my long face shape, I always had an urge to keep hairstyles with fringes. However, my thinning hair from time to time disappointed me with limp bangs. I used to buying all kinds of fringes. Some were cheap and some were expensive. It all depended on my budget limit at the moment I bought them.  I satisfied with this  clip in fringe in platinum blonde. It was 15 cm, a perfect length that I wanted which can reshape my long face and better highlight my facial features.  The clips were designed well, enabling themselves to secure well into my hair.  The fringe was thick enough,  coordinating with my natural hair.  Most important, it was only $24.99, beyond my budget limit.

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