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24 Inch Refined Three Colors Clip In Human Hair Extensions Body Wave 9pcs Review


I like this set of 24 inches clip in human hair extensions so much!!

The hair is so soft, and the color is perfect, matching perfectly with mine. Just like my natural hair, the extensions don’t tangle easily and few frizz can be found. Because I just want to add volume to my natural hair, the 9 pieces hair extensions meet my requirement.

I have kept the extensions for about 2 months. The hair keeps in good shape. Of course, this is also because of my taking good care of it.

Speaking of the shipping, I think it is OK. It took me 5 days to receive the hair, roughly as fast as the speed of my former extensions.


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100% Human Hair Sepia Long Wigs Capless Lovely Wigs Review


Thanks very much for your kindly and patiently replies, dear Grace. You are so nice. Every time I asked you any question, you could reply me quickly and patiently, with detail answers.

The 100% human hair Sepia Long Wig is really of high quality. The hair is just like my natural hair, and the size suits me very well. After I applied the wig to my head, it looked like my natural hair and the final result was quite satisfying. Because the texture is straight, it just takes me a few seconds to manage it after the applying. The shine and the color is just like what are shown in the picture above.

Besides, the price is so nice. It only took me $197.99 to buy the hair.

Only one thing tended to fade the purchasing–the shipping. But because the wig was crafted after order was placed, the order processing already took 5 days,  I waited for 8 days to receive the hair.


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16 Inch Pink Tape In Human Hair Extensions 20pcs Review


Nice pink tape in hair extensions!! I used this to create highlights and the result appeared to be stunning. After I sticked the extensions to my hair, it held tightly, and it moved like my natural hair. The hair is soft and tangle free. You know, some hair may turn dry after chemical treatment, but this set of hair extensions meet nothing like dry hair.

I have kept the extensions for about two months. I applied about 10 pieces of them to my hair each time. It looked like I actually dyed my  hair. To keep my hair safe, I removed the extensions every two weeks and then letted my hair have short rest. At present, the extensions still keep in good shape, except for the tape.

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Light Chestnut Brown (6) Review


This is my first purchase in Glam Seamless, and I have been being happy with it. The total weight of per pack is 50 grams and each pack contains 20 wefts tape in hair extensions. For me, the weight of each weft is enough. In order to make a full head of hair, I bought 3 packs from the store. Why I can make sure the hair is good enough to cost me so much? Several of my friends are frequent customers of Glam Seamless. They introduced this store to me.

I apply the extensions to my natural hair all by myself. The final result is satisfying. Soft hair, good luster, free of tangle. I have kept the hair for about one month and once re-used the extensions. After I applied the hair with additional tape, the hair still blent so well into my natural hair. Another good thing about the extensions is that even my family failed to tell that I was wearing hair extensions.

But the price of the hair is a little bit hight. I spent about $400 on the 3 packs of tape in hair extensions.


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Human Hair Bang by Raquel Welch Hairpieces Review


The product of Raquel Welch is always truth worthy, and there is no exception for this one. When I uncovered the package, I can tell the hair was of high quality. It looked shiny, and tangle-free. Unlike synthetic fiber hair, this one touched soft. In all, its quality was just like my natural hair’s. It was said to be monofilament base. According to the hair I received, I agree with this point.

The only bad review about this hairpieces is the price. The weight of the hairpiece is only 1 oz, but the hair cost me $191.25 so expensive.  If I want to buy long hair extensions, I will not choose the hair of Raquel Welch for it is beyond my budget.


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26″ Brazilian Virgin Hair Straight #1B Natural Black 2 Pcs


I got two pieces of 26 inches Brazilian virgin hair from this online store. For me, 100 grams hair wefts are too thin for me, so I choose two pieces.

The hair is surely human hair. It looks natural, feel soft, and is tangle free. After I applied them via clips, the hair blent well into my natural hair, making an illusion that I got all the hair naturally. Of course, I can buy clip in hair extensions directly. But a set of clip in hair extensions that weighs 200 grams and is as long as 26 inches must cost much more than those of hair wefts.  These 2 pieces of hair wefts cost me about $200, an acceptable price.

It took me 7 days to receive the hair, a speed neither fast nor slow.

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Piccolina 120g 18″ Chestnut Brown (6) Review


I am a regular customer of bellami hair. Reason one: I like Kylie Jenner.  Reason two: I like its hair extensions.

Because Kylie Jenner is teaming up with this hair extensions brand Bellami for her own line of clip-ins, as a fan of Kylie Jenner and hair extensions, I find so many reasons to support Bellami. And since I once bought clip in hair extensions from Bellami, and the quality of the extensions was satisfying, there is no doubt that I would bought other several sets of extensions from this store.

Speaking of the quality of this set of 120g chestnut brown clip in hair extensions, I think it is exactly like my natural hair, being soft and tangle free. And chestnut brown is my favorite color. When I placed the extensions on my natural hair, I got a head of gorgeous and voluminous locks, neither too thin nor too thick.

The delivery of this store is quite fast. It averagely takes me 5 days to receive my extensions.


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26 Inch Claw Clip Human Hair Ponytail Soft Straight #1B Natural Black Review


I wanted a long and voluminous ponytail, but the one I had is short and thin. That’s why I chose this piece of 26 inches claw clip human hair ponytail.

It was so convenient that I could easily apply it to my existing ponytail. The hair of it was soft and tangle free, just like my natural hair. It was said to be human hair, and I agreed on this point.

The shipping of it was free and fast, taking me 5 days to receive it, an acceptable speed.

I spent $139 on it, a reasonable price that I thought,  considering its length, weight and quality.

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15″ Purple Funky Straight Deluxe Clip In Human Hair Extension Review


I once wanted to get a full head of purple hair, that’s why I chose this set of 15″ purple clip in human hair extensions. But because finally I was afraid of the hair damage caused by hair dyeing, I did not put my thought into practice.

Speaking of these extensions, I think the quality is just so so, looking a little bit dry because of their being chemical processed. The total weight of them is 140 grams, which  is enough for me, as I only use it to make a highlights style.

If you want it urgently, you are not suggested opting for this store, since the shipping is quite slow, taking me  11 days to receive the hair.


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16″ Golden Blonde(#16) 7pcs Clip In Human Hair Extensions


I got this set of 16 inches clip in hair extensions at the price of $74.95. The quality of it is acceptable, just like my natural hair. Since the price is not high, I think this is a happy shopping experience.

Of course, compared with my other hair extensions, this one is a little frizzy. But when it comes to the price, this little matter can be neglected. You know, almost each of my other extensions cost me several hundreds.

But if you want a set of hair extensions urgently, this one is not right for you. It took me 11 days to receive the hair.


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