jet black

Jet Black (1) 20″ 220g – ON BACK ORDER


Well, the most expensive clip in hair extensions I have had. But its quality is just so-so.

The extensions are also soft, and tangle free. But the hair ends is a little dry, and the hair color looks more like natural black.

The clips are OK. After I applied the extensions to my hair, they held well, and the hair extensions can blend into my hair seamlessly.

Actually, I think this set of 22 inches jet black clip in hair extensions are ok. But considering the price, I may prefer to buy some cheaper ones, like my last HairPlusBase hair extensions, whose quality are better than this one in BombayHair.

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32 Inch Long Salable Straight Clip In Hair Extensions #1 Jet Black 11 Pieces Larger Sets Review


It seems that only a few on-line stores selling 32 inches clip in hair extensions. That’s one of the reason for my choosing Best Hair Base.

Speaking of this set of 11 pieces jet black 32 inches clip in hair extensions, I think high quality can be one of its advantage. Just like its description on the website, it is made of premium remy human hair and the cuticles run in the same direction. The hair is soft, tangle free, and of course, shiny. It contains quite a lot hair and 32 inches is so long. Once applied, the hair blends well into my natural hair, even giving me an illusion that I have a head of voluminous hair naturally.

I think its price is not high, cost me $214.95 for 32 inches and 215 grams hair extensions.

And the delivery is satisfying.–Being free and fast.

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Jet Black Clip in Hair Extensions- #1 – 20″ 100% Human Remy Hair 120g/220gr Review


I stumbled upon Zala hair and found that the store seemed to be quite credible according to its customers and funs on the facebook. So I bought this set of 20 inches jet black clip in hair extensions from the store.

Mine was 9 pieces of 22 inches, and the total weight is 220 grams. Actually, 22grams was too much for me, so I only used part of the extensions. And this was an element that maked me upset. It offerd 12ograms and 220 grams extensions, but one was not enough for me and one was too much for me.

To be honest, the quality of the hair and clips were satisfying. The hair was just like mine, and the clips helped secure the extensions into my natural hair. So if 120 grams or 220 grams meet your requirement, you can have a try on these clip in hair extensions.

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