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22″ inches Tape In Remy Human Hair Extensions # 4 Medium Brown Review


These 22 inches tap in hair extensions are very very very bad. I have had the hair for about 3 weeks and now they almost lost about half of its thickness. I have already had 12 pieces of them tear out of my head and to put them back in. Because the wefts are kind of thick and stiff that they even rip some strands of my hair out. I have been wearing hair extensions, including tape in, clip in, fusion hair extensions for 2 years, and I have already become very familiar with hair extensions. But to be honest, I never bought hair extensions like this before. They are the worst one that I have had.

I have tried contacting the store , sending several emails, but now I hear nothing back from t them.

Honestly, I don’t think the price of the extensions is very low. They cost me $79.99, but I got hair extensions which may be worth nothing.


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15″ #4 Medium Brown 7pcs Straight Full Head Set Clip In Human Hair Extension Review


This set of 15 inches clip in hair extensions cost me only $49.99. Although the hair is a little messy, it didn’t matter to me becauase my natural hair is also not in very good condition. Therefore, why not save money by getting hair extensions that share the same condition with my own hair.  The extensions blent into my hair once a applied them to my hair, exactly making an illusion that I own a head of voluminous hair naturally.

I bought the extensions 3 months ago and they keep in good shape till now. Since I wore it occasionally and have been taken good care of them, I  have no idea how long will they last if they are worn usually.

It took me 6 days to receive the product, an acceptable delivery speed.

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22 Inch 9pcs Fashionable Three Colors Ombre Clip In Remy Human Hair Extensions Body Wave Review


This ombre shade is what I like most, a combination of natural black, medium brown and strawberry blonde.

It is said that these clip in hair extensions are made of remy human hair. I do not know how to tell it is true or not. But they look like my natural hair. I have had them for 2 months, and so far so good. The hair still keeps in shape and no hair fading can be found.

I got the extensions at the price of R1,226.84. Considering the quality, I think they are worth buying.

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