micro loop hair extensions

16″ Dark Auburn(#33) 100S Micro Loop Remy Human Hair Extensions Review


Actually, I seldom wrote review on my online-shopping product, but I think this one is worthy of recommending. The first time I had it kept on my head for a month, and the hair looked so good. But one of my frineds told me that the result would be more stunning if I tighten the hair once a week. I did it and achieved it.

I like dark auburn a lot. It made me look good and feel good. That’s why I chose this bundle of 16 inches dark auburn micro loop hair extensions. Since 100 strands did not heavy, I did not feel them at all. I wanted hair extensions simply to add volume to my natural hair, and this one met my requirement. Of course, the quality of the hair was so good, just like my natural hair. Besides, only a few color fading was found, much better than other hair extensions I had had.

It took me 9 days to receive the hair, the only dissatisfying matter.

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fineGlam kit {100 grams}


I bought this micro loop hair extensions on the advice of one of my friends. Among all her extensions and wigs, this one is her favorite. I also like her hair after the extensions were applied to her natural hair. By now, the extensions still keep in shape by and large, except for a little frizz of the hair ends.
For me, this extensions is a little expensive. Due to the good final result shown by my friend, I think it worths the price $299. I placed my order two days ago and will update this review once I receive it.


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