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22″ Clip In Full Head 100% Real Remy Human Hair Extensions Review



I received this set of 22″ natural black clip in hair extensions about 3 weeks ago. When I got it, it’s in good condition. The hair was soft, and the color was right.

But!!!! After I washed it for several times, it’s color started to fade!! It’s claimed to be remy human hair, but the store owner must be a liar. I used my curling iron to make it wavy. Well, I did see the wavy texture, but it also came with curly texture, freaking dry ends as well. I washed it and it became less drier. But after several times of washing, it started to fade a little bit!!

What the hell rubbish it is?? The hair extensions only cost me $48, so I did not think about returning the extensions. According to my experience, it will take me a long time to argue with the customer service staff, and finally I may get some discount for the next purchasing.

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Quick Clip 3 Drama Hairpiece


The quality of this claw clip ponytail piece is satisfying. Although it is made of synthetic fiber, it does not feel like that. It touches soft, smells good, and looks fantastic.

However, they sent me the wrong color. I ordered light brown, but they gave me the middle brown. I wanted to return the hair, but the guy contacting with me seemed to be not so nice. She rejected my requirement again and again, and she even asked me to dye my hair so that it could match the hair color. Damn it. It is not the matter of money. I do not want to destroy my natural hair. I dyed it frequently in the past so it was fragile now.

At last, she decided to give me some discount for my next order. You know, I might not buy anything from this store. But I was tired of arguing with them. Maybe I will send the hair piece to my friend.


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MAYSU 22 Inch Clip-in Ponytails Hair Extensions Clip on Synthetic Review


Don’t waste your money in this terrible, silly fake ponytail hair extensions. Don’t consider it a good chance to save your money by buying a very cheap ponytail extensions, don’t trust any positive review written on the product pages. They are all fake, just like the product.

The extensions is vey fake & synthetic looking. It can not even match my natural hair a little bit! My natural hair is very healthy & shiny. When under light, it looks even more fake. After I received the extensions, I once thought about returning it to get refund back. But it took me several days to argue with the onwer, and no result was made before I gave it up.


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U Nail Glue Tip Keratin Fusion Straight Remy Human Hair Extension Review


Well, I feel regretful for buying this set of U-tip hair extensions!! It claimed locating in the USA, but actually it was delivered from China.

The hair color faded and the hair ends was dry. I did not dare to apply it to my hair. I was afraid that it would do great harm to my hair.

Because I washed the hair, and the hair color faded, the owner of the shop refused to return my money at first. I have contacted with the customer service staff for about one month, and they finally agreed to do it. What the hell, they even doubted I changed their hair extensions and kept their good one.

I will never buy anything in this store.

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22″ inches Tape In Remy Human Hair Extensions # 4 Medium Brown Review


These 22 inches tap in hair extensions are very very very bad. I have had the hair for about 3 weeks and now they almost lost about half of its thickness. I have already had 12 pieces of them tear out of my head and to put them back in. Because the wefts are kind of thick and stiff that they even rip some strands of my hair out. I have been wearing hair extensions, including tape in, clip in, fusion hair extensions for 2 years, and I have already become very familiar with hair extensions. But to be honest, I never bought hair extensions like this before. They are the worst one that I have had.

I have tried contacting the store , sending several emails, but now I hear nothing back from t them.

Honestly, I don’t think the price of the extensions is very low. They cost me $79.99, but I got hair extensions which may be worth nothing.


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18” 7pcs Remy Clips in Human Hair Extensions 04 Medium Brown Review


The quality of the hair isn’t the problem, its the fact that they are SUPER thin and the ends are so straggly! I have been wearing hair extensions for years and I have never had a problem before.

Typically the hair will be very lush and perfectly straight at the ends. This isn’t the case with this brand or product. They look terrible on! I should have known the price was too good to be true! There are 7 tracks and with them all clipped in they barely make a difference, and adding more clips would be ridiculous because your head can only fit so many! The hair falls out very easily too! I am so disappointed with this purchase!

Also the package came shipped without any receipt and a letter that looks like a 2nd grader could have done better. All the words were misspelled and the grammar was pathetic! The e-mail address listed on the letter if you need to contact them doesn’t even work, the e-mails come back undeliverable! How can a company do business like this? So I complained on Amazon’s website and now the company doesn’t’ stop contacting me, they are even texting me from an international number asking me to remove my negative feedback!

Ummmm no! I will not, this is how people can know if they get a good or bad product, so no I will not remove my negative feedback because my negative feedback is the TRUTH!!! And don’t they realize that them texting me from an international number costing me money since I don’t have a plan that allows international texting!? How annoying! I choose to do business with Amazon so that I deal with Amazon directly now this company is e-mailing me and texting me, I am so upset! This company needs to hire someone that has the ability to properly make them the necessary documentation to include in all packages upon shipping so they look like a legit company. I am extremely frustrated and annoyed and will never order from this company again!

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Satin Strands Premium 100% Remy Human Hair Tape-In Extensions 18″ Review


I bought two packages of these extensions, as each package is 40g, and about 80g can add kind of volume to my hair. As it cost $89.99 for only 40g hair extensions, I expected the extensions to be of high quality. But, I found nothing worthy of $89.99 per pack.
The first thing I did was wash, condition and dry to get the chemical smell out. The smell remains, but the shine did not. When wet, they get wavy, and then very frizzy and dull once dried. They weren’t very terrible, but even my own color-treated hair is not as frizzy as this hair.
Then, I dyed the hair a little bit to create highlights, but disappointment once again. I don’t know what chemicals are used to treat the hair, but it’s definitely not virgin hair! I found it very very difficut to dye the hair. And the final look of the dyed extensions was so disgusting.  I doubted whether it could last for one week, not to mention its several months guarantee.
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20 inch JET BLACK Full Head Clip in Human Hair Extensions Review


I just received my order and the hair, if I can even call it that, is TERRIBLE!!! I have been wearing clip in extensions for years and I generally get really expensive sets for 200+ dollars, but I decided I wanted to buy a couple cheapys so I could use them a couple times and dump them. This hair is not 100% human at all. When I opened the package and touched it, the hair almost felt crunchy and had an odd color to it. I decided to pull out a couple strands and burn it to see if it was real hair and it sure did smell like plastic!!! Did the same thing to my 200 dollar extensions and it smelt like real burnt hair. I am pissed I wasted my money!

I will never buy hair extensions in this store. Before the purchasing, I already deeply doubted whether it can be real human hair possibly, because the price was incredibly low. I was not the guy who wanted to buy high quality product with very low price. But, if the hair is really not human hair, don’t rip me off.

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Dark red hair extensions 7pcs Straight Red Clip In 70g Review


Chose this shop because I saw its ad in Google and was attracted by the price of this set of hair extensions. The description on the web looked so good, remy human hair and $49.99 per set, and the picture looked attractive.

But disappoimtingly, when I received the hair, I found the hair ends were so dry and messy. It seemed that the hair had been over-processed. I never doubted that it was synthetic fiber hair, but I would never want a head of messy and dry hair. You know that, once my hair ends are messy and dry, I will prefer to have it shortened.

Since the hair only took me $49.99, I chose to shorten the dry ends instead of returning it.  Well, if I return the hair, I need to pay extra money for the international delivery.

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