18″ 100% REMY Human OMBRE Pastel Hair Extensions 7Pcs Clip in #A little pastel Review


Fantastic pastel hair extensions! The hair color is so awesome, exactly what I want. The hair is so soft, and I can tell it is definitely human hair extensions.

The hair extensions blend so well with my natural hair, creating a stunning highlights style for me immediatly after applied.

Another matter about the extensions lies in their high price. Honestly, if taken the full set into consideration, it was not too much to spend $154.99 in the extensions. But I just wanted the extensions to style highlights hair look.

If you are considering changing your hair into this pastel color, and would like to add length and volume to your hair, you can get this one. It is definitely worth buying.

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BELLAMI 160g 20″ Ombre #60/Violet Review


Bellami is one of my favorite hair extensions brand. And this set of ombre hair extensions is my favorite too.

Before I received the extensions, I thought that the extensions might not be as good as the solid color hair extensions. You know, even though our natural hair goes bad if undergoing several chemical treatment. The extensions proved that I were right. However, the condition of the extensions is better than my expectation.

The hair was a little bit dry, but beyond my expectation. The hair color looked nice, and the hair was soft.

Apart from the quality, I like the fast shipping service provided by this store.

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16 Inch Ombre Clip In Remy Human Hair Extensions Body Wave 9pcs Review


The hair look I got after I applied the extensions did not exactly look like the one shown above, because my extensions were only 16 inches. The color and the texture are just like what is shown above. The hair looked shiny, felt soft. After I applied the extensions, it looked like all the hair was mine.

I got the hair 2 months ago and wore it usually. So far, the hair keeps in good shape. I have to admit that another reason is that I have been taking good care of it.

The hair took me 1 week to receive it.

I  think the hair is worth buying, considering its quality and price.  If I want to buy another set of hair extensions, the Hair Plus Base will be at the list.

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18 Inch Body Wave Clip In Hair Extensions Classic Three Tone Ombre 9 Pieces Review


This set of 18 inches body wave clip in hair extensions meets my requirement. Before I decided to buy this, I hesitated because I was worried about the actual style of it. You know, I once bought ombre hair extensions from other on-line store, but I got the hair whose color was largely different from the pictures in the website. So my basic requirement of my ombre extensions is color-match.

Just like my natural hair, the extensions are soft and shiny, but a little dry at the hair ends.  The color matched my hair color well. When I applied the extensions to my natural hair, the trace of wearing hair extensions was indistinguishable .

I placed my order on Monday, and received my hair on Next Monday, neither fast nor slow.

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Black to purple mermaid colorful ombre indian remy clip in hair extensions Review


Wow, the colorful ombre Indian remy clip in hair extensions are quite expensive for me, comparing them with my other extensions. But I like their well dyed colorful ombre, which is exactly like those shown above. The hair is soft and lustrous, but except for the hair ends. Maybe because of the hair dyeing, the hair ends is a little messy and dry.

This set of 24 inches 135g clip in hair extensions cost me $216. After taking all the elments into consideration, I think the extensions should not be so expensive. But if only considering the well designed color, I think it is ok.

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24 Inch Ombre Clip In Remy Human Hair Extensions Three Tone Body Wave 9pcs Review


This set of 24 inches ombre clip in hair extensions is my favorite extensions. Just like my natural hair, the extensions are soft and tangle free. When I applied them to my natural hair, it just looked like that I had my full head of hair dyed into such gorgeous ombre color.

Because this was my second time buying extensions from HairPlusBase, I could enjoy a 8% discount set for regular clients.

My last set of HPB hair extensions could last for more than one year, so I think this one has no exception. I got it 1 month ago and wore it often, and the extensions keep in good shape still.

It took me 5 days to receive the hair, a satisfying speed.

All in all, I like Hairplusbase and its extensions, and I will introduce my friends to visit the shop.

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12″ – 34″ Funky Brazilian Remy Hair Straight #2 and Purple Ombre Review


So stunning purple ombre hair extensions!!!! I got 2 bundles of it to make voluminous hair, and I was quite satisfied that it blent so well into my natural hair. It totally looked like my own hair.

The length I chose was 24 inches, neither too long nor too short for me. Although the shop owner could customize clip-in hair extensions in the same color for me, I still selected this kind of wefts hair extensions, because  I could apply them by means of clip-in, tape-in and weaving, all depending on my preference.

Another thing about these extensions was their delivery. Since the shop owner offers free shipping for orders over $99, I enjoyed this good service because the total value of my order is $247.9. I was waiting for 7 days to receive the hair, and it was acceptable for me.


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22 Inch 9pcs Fashionable Three Colors Ombre Clip In Remy Human Hair Extensions Body Wave Review


This ombre shade is what I like most, a combination of natural black, medium brown and strawberry blonde.

It is said that these clip in hair extensions are made of remy human hair. I do not know how to tell it is true or not. But they look like my natural hair. I have had them for 2 months, and so far so good. The hair still keeps in shape and no hair fading can be found.

I got the extensions at the price of R1,226.84. Considering the quality, I think they are worth buying.

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12″ – 34″ Brunet Ombre Brazilian Remy Hair Body Wave Three Tone Wefts Review


I have used extensions from different companies, but I must say the quality of this set of Brazilian Remy hair is the most satisfying at the price of $72.95. I remembered when I recieve the hair, they were so soft and not shedding when my fingers ran through them. After a couple of months it was still so soft and healthy looking. Speaking of the shipping, they sent my package to me within 4 days without extra shipping expense.

It was my first time to wear ombre hair extensions and the result was quite good. Of course, comparing  with wearing jet black hair extensions, I appeared to be more fashion without causing any damage to my natural hair because I did not need to dye it.

All in all, I like my hair extensions and I will be a regular customer of this on-line shop.

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24 Inch Characteristic Two Colors Ombre Clip In Remy Hair Extensions Body Wave 9pcs



I like it the best, from its color, its softness, its long lasting, its delivery to its customer service.

It took me five days to receive my hair, just like what the customer service staff – Grace promised.  I liked its customer service for that Grace replied me rapidly and gave me detailed answer. When I received the hair, she also emailed me asking if there are anything dissatisfying.  Besides, along with the hair I ordered, I got 4 clips as well so that I could have some to replace if the clips attached is broken one day. The hair is soft and in good luster, just looking like my natural hair and blending seamlessly with my natural hair. Thumbs up for Hair Plus Base.

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