18 Inch 20pcs Straight Cheap but Practical Tape In Human Hair Extensions Pink Review


Highlights and pastel seem to be popular this year, so I chose this pack of 18 inches pink tape in hair extensions to decorate my natural hair. You know, because of frequent heat styling, that my natural hair is a little brittle, and then I did not dare to dye it these several months.

I received the extensions one week ago and have worn them for several days. Honestly, I satisfy the extensions, because of their quality, their blending well into my natural hair and their shiny pink color.

The extensions only cost me about $50 dollars, quite competitive price.

One thing I also want to mention is the nice service. Thanks very much for Grace’s patient and detailed reply every time.

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16 Inch Pink Tape In Human Hair Extensions 20pcs Review


Nice pink tape in hair extensions!! I used this to create highlights and the result appeared to be stunning. After I sticked the extensions to my hair, it held tightly, and it moved like my natural hair. The hair is soft and tangle free. You know, some hair may turn dry after chemical treatment, but this set of hair extensions meet nothing like dry hair.

I have kept the extensions for about two months. I applied about 10 pieces of them to my hair each time. It looked like I actually dyed my  hair. To keep my hair safe, I removed the extensions every two weeks and then letted my hair have short rest. At present, the extensions still keep in good shape, except for the tape.

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16″ easiLites Human Hair Clip In Color (1 pc) by easihair Review


I like this collection of clip-in highlights and lowlights. The extensions are produced with protein rich 100% human hair and are available in 11 colors. I bought pink, lilac, and blue respectively to do my colorful highlights. The hair is soft and full of luster to blend so well with my natural hair, offering me a stunning hairstyle for night outs. Apart from the straight style, I also curl my natural hair and the clip in extensions to make a more stylish hairstyle. After I got the extensions, I have straightened and curled them for several times, but the extensions are still in good condition.

I bought each piece at the price of $8.95. Taking their quality into consideration, I think the price is acceptable.

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