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18 Inch #2 Dark Brown Clip In Remy Human Hair Extensions 7pcs


The first time I knew Hairplusbase was 4 months ago on Facebook. I was attracted by the good review coming from its clients.

Therefore, after some consultation with its customer service staff, I chose two sets of this 18 inche #2 dark brown clip in remy human hair extensions 7 pcs. Actually, at the beginning, I wanted to get only one pack. But Nancy, the customer service staff in Hairplusbase suggested me get two packs as one pack only contained 7 pieces and the total weight was only 70g, and the fact proved that she was right.

The final appearance of wearing my extensions satisfied me a lot. I curled all the hair to be body wavy, so that the extensions looked just as same as my own hair. Although I have kept the extensions for 3 months, they still kept in shape, and my curling and straightening seemed not to cause any damage to it. I could apply or remove them all by myself, so that I thought they were of great convenience. Their hair were of good quality, just like my own hair.

All in all, I like the extensions a lot.

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Piccolina 120g 18″ Chestnut Brown (6)


I was attracted by one of my favourite Hollywood star’s review to buy hair extensions on this site. Of course, I got no disappointment.

The hair was so soft and tangle free to blend so well with my natural hair. I curled it to body wave and the after look of my hair fascinated me deeply. Wow, I have never had a head of gorgeous hair like this before. Most amazingly, no one could  tell that I wores hair extensions, even my families. Because I bought clip in hair extensions, so I can take them off at will.

I feel so satisfied that I can get hair extensions which are of so high quality at the price of $109.99.

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European Virgin Remy Human Hair, Pre-Bonded Flat Tips, 16″, Brown, Review

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This is one of my most satisfying hair extensions, although its price is a little bit high.

Speaking of the hair, I like it very much. The hair is so000 soft, and it seems to be better than my natural hair.  The thickness, 95g, suits my hair very well, making it neither too thick nor too thin. Although most of the product in this shop are in solid colors, customized service is available, which means that our customers can get the color that we want.

Then it comes to its duration. I have no idea how long it will last, but by now it keeps in shape and I got it about half a month ago. The supplier claims that it can last for 1.5 to 2 years, but only time will tell whether it is true or not. My last hair extensions, made of Virgin Indian Hair, also kept in good shape 7 months after I got it, but the fact proved that it only lasted for less than 1 year.

Its delivery service is so-so. It took me 9 days to receive my hair. Because I was in America and the shop was in UK, this delivery time was acceptable.

Maybe many people think that it is too expensive–The hair is 16″ and it costs GBP189.99.

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Beach Blonde (613) Tape In Hair Extensions Review


I chose a set of tape in hair extensions in Bleach Blonde from this on-line shop. Just like what the product description reveals, this tape in hair extensions are long lasting. I got it 6 months ago and now it still keeps in shape.  I think the hair is made of remy human hair because it looks like human hair and is tangle-free without frizz.

Although the shop owner claims that “20 pieces per pack (50 grams)This is double the amount of hair that the majority of our competitors offer.”, it is a little expensive to buy 50grams hair extensions at the price of $99.00.

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Virgin Indian Remy Bodywave– Hair Extensions Review


I chose the Bodywave Virgin Indian hair extensions from this site. I loved the extensions so much. The hair was so soft and the texture satisfied me a lot. Everything has gone well since I got the hair 8 months ago. After I applied the extensions to my own hair, it seemed that I had a head of luscious locks naturally. Some of my friends even asked me for tips of growing out so beautiful hair, lol, and I introduced this on line shop to they as well.

Although the extensions cost me $189.00, I thought it is worthy.

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