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18″ 10 Pcs Silky Straight Tape In Indian Remy Human Hair Extension Review


If you ask me how do I think of this set of tape in remy human hair extensions, my answer will be that it is hard to say.

The quality is so-so. The hair is soft, but it is a little messy. The hair color is what I want, but the hair looks a little bit fake sometimes.

After applied to my hair, the extensions can blend seamlessly into my natural hair. The tape sticks well to my hair, holding tightly. Every time I wanted to remove the extensions, I needed to use remover.

The hair extensions cost me $39.99. Since I only wore the extensions from time to time, with the purpose of adding highlights to my hair, the price and the quality meet my requirement.

However, if you would like to get high quality hair extensions, don’t choose this one.

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22″ Clip In Full Head 100% Real Remy Human Hair Extensions Review



I received this set of 22″ natural black clip in hair extensions about 3 weeks ago. When I got it, it’s in good condition. The hair was soft, and the color was right.

But!!!! After I washed it for several times, it’s color started to fade!! It’s claimed to be remy human hair, but the store owner must be a liar. I used my curling iron to make it wavy. Well, I did see the wavy texture, but it also came with curly texture, freaking dry ends as well. I washed it and it became less drier. But after several times of washing, it started to fade a little bit!!

What the hell rubbish it is?? The hair extensions only cost me $48, so I did not think about returning the extensions. According to my experience, it will take me a long time to argue with the customer service staff, and finally I may get some discount for the next purchasing.

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Platinum Blonde #90 – Regular 18″ Clip In Human Hair Extensions 125g Review


It is my first time to buy clip in hair extensions in Foxy Locks Extensions. Honestly, the extensions are OK, if taking its price into consideration.

Compared with the extensions I have, its quality is not the best, just so-so. But because I spend a lot on them, I want to try the one which is less expensive and of acceptable quality. This one is what I want to get.

The extensions are made from remy human hair, just like what I have. The hair is also soft, and the color is fine. But the hair ends is a little dry and the one clip is broken. Well, it is a piece of cake to get another clip.

Speaking of the shipping, I think it is reasonable to spend 7 days to receive the extensions.


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Angelcoco 28Inch 7pcs Remy Clips In Human Hair Extensions 120g Review


It took me about 2 weeks to receive the hair extensions. But except for the slow delivery, anything else seemed go well.

The 28 inches black clip in hair extensions are so good–blending well into my natural hair, looking so shiny, feeling so soft. For me, the 7 pieces extensions are enough to make a full head. But if you have thin hair and want more voluminous hair, it is suggested that you buy more voluminous hair extensions. I like the texture of the extensions. The hair is straight, exactly what I want.

I have no problem with the application of the extensions. The clips are good, and the application takes me a few minutes without doing harm to my natural hair.

I seldom applied heat and chemical treatment to it. So far, the extensions are still in good shape.

I have kept the extensions for about one month.


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24 Inch Straight Clip In Human remy Hair Extensions #12/613 12 Pieces Review


Good hair extensions, I like this!

I dyed my natural hair highlights, and the color looks like the extensions I bought. Because of the thin hair and the unsatisfying result after the dyeing, I looked for hair extensions to add length and volume. Therefore, one of my friends introduced this on-line store to me. Because of the strong recommendation of my friend and my finding the very close hair color, I made up my mind to buy this set of 24 inches #12/613 clip in hair extensions.

The result did not disappoint me at all. The shiny, soft hair, the right color,  and clips. Every thing went well. After applying the extensions to my head, I had a head of gorgours hair, which is exactly what I want.

I have kept the hair for a month. I have been taking good care of it, no dyeing, no curling, no straightening, and no blow drying. So far, the hair looks like new bought extensions.

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Glam Time Hair Dark Blonde #18 Review


I bought the gorgeous 160 gram set at the price of $139. The quality of the hair is so-so, neither too good nor too back. The hair ends is a little bit dry and the hair kind of lacks shine. But the hair is soft and tangle free. I can get a full head of blonde locks after the applying and it is hard to tell that I’m wearing hair extensions.

If taking the price into consideration, I think the extensions is worth buying, because $139 is a small sum of money when it comes to buying suitable hair extensions.

Another thing about the extensions is that whether it can last longer. I can not answer the question, as I only keep the extensions just for two weeks. I washed it once, never curled, straightened or dyed it. Although it is claimed to be dyeing, straightening, curling–feasible, I had better not do that. You know, even our natural hair is apt to have hair problem after heating or chemical styling, how can I trust that hair extensions can keep in good shape after those processes?

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Natural Black (#1b) Ponytail Review


Positive review of course. Nothing to say about it quality , as the hair just looks like what is shown in the picture above. The hair is shiny, tangle free and silky soft. Unlike other hair extensions made of synthetic fiber hair, which touch coarse, this one is pretty soft, and it is totally like my natural hair.

It only took me couple minutes to apply the extensions, forming an illusion that I have the gorgeous ponytail naturally.

Maybe some may think it costs too much- $109, for a 16 inches ponytail hair extensions. But for me, it is worthy to get high quality hair extensions with a resonable price. I do not like synthetic fiber hair, and high quality hair extensions can last longer.

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HK Full Head Hair Extensions Review


I got a set of 16-18″ 90′s blonde clip in hair extensions from Dirty Looks. I needed to get them slightly cut by my hairdresser to take a little thickness out as I have fine hair so they were a bit thick to start with, but as sonns as that was done I have been in absolute LOVE with them ever since. Once applied to my head, they blend seamlessly into my natural hair, and it looked like I have all the hair naturally.  The extensions looked natural and moved like my own hair.

One thing I was dissatisfied with was the slow shipping. It took me about 10 days to receive the hair, and I pushed it again and again by email. But the customer service was so good. Every time I sent an email, they replied me quickly and patiently.


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California Blonde Clip In Hair Extensions Review


I like the 20 inches extensions so much. I just received them and I am so so so impressed with them.

I have bought so many hair extensions, such as Bellami. Compared with Bellami hair, I think this one is quite good. The color is more natural, and the hair is soft and shiny. Bellami’s dirty blonde is pink-ish, looking kind of unnatural. If only considering the quality, this one is much better than Bellami hair.

But the price is a little higher than that of Bellami hair.

I have no idea whether I will be the regular customer of Cashmere hair. If the extensions can be long lasting and keep in good shape for a long time, I will purchase another set of Cashmere hair. Since I only keep the hair for several days, I do not know whether it can last long.



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32 Inch Straight Clip In Human Hair Extensions #27 11 Pieces Review


I have been looking for 32 inches for several days, and then here came this store. Before making up my mind to buy this set of #27 32 inches straight clip in hair extensions, I consulted the customer service some questions, like whether the color was what was shown in the picture, whether the hair was smooth, and whether the hair could blend well into my natural hair. I got all positive replies.

And the result didn’t disappoint me. Just like what Grace in the customer service department replied, the hair is soft, tangle free and shiny. I got a full head of gorgeous hair after the applying.

I only keep the extensions for about one month, so I have no idea how long it will last. But depending on its high quality, I think it can be long lasting.

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