synthetic fiber hair

Synthetic Fiber Ponytail Hair Extensions Review


I like this pack of ponytail hair extensions. Even though it is made of synthetic fiber hair, it looks, feels and touches like real human hair. The only one disadvantage of it may be its heat irresistance, so it can not be styled like my natural hair. But as it is only ponytail hair extensions, I don’t need to curl or straighten it.

The hair took me 5 days to receive it, a relative fast speed.

I have no idea how long it will last. Because I only wear it from time to time and do not style it using chemicals and heat, I think it can be long lasting and keep in good shape.

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Long Perfect Pony by Hothair Review


I chose this piece of creamy twist ponytail hair extensions to add instant length and volume to my thin ponytail. The final result appeared to be stunning. My ponytail seemed to get upgraded by the wrap around extensions, looking so beautiful. The extensions piece was shiny and tangle free. That’s why it could look so good when applied on my head. But, it was not soft. When I touched it, I could feel its being coarse, because it was made of synthetic fiber hair.

But actually, I prefer this piece of ponytail hair extensions to the one made of real human hair. You know, this one only cost me £19.20. But the real human one may cost me about £50. For a temporary use, I think synthetic fiber ponytail hair extensions meet my requirement.

If you want ponytail hair extensions urgently, do not choose this one as the shipping will take you about 10 days.

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18″ Purple Straight Clip In Highlight Review


I bought this set of 18″ purple clip in hair extensions to do highlights.  This package contains 6 pieces of extensions, and the hair is soft, tangle free and shiny. But the extensions look like barbie hair, so I think they are not made of human hair.

If used to add color to my natural hair, the extensions meet my requirement. But for synthetic fiber hair, the price of $34.99 is a little expensive.

Considering the overall effect when I applied the extensions, I think these extensions are acceptable, although the price is a little high.

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22″ Straight Clip-in Extension by Hairdo Review


The hair is soft and tangle free, and its color is great. But the biggest disadvantage is its fake looking. I think it is kind of more shiny than my natural hair, and it looks like barbie hair a little bit. After I applied it to my natural hair, the two colors seemed not to blend well into each other.

But actually I can bear this kind of blending. Because it is made of synthetic fiber, I can not treat it like my natural hair. Therefore, I will never curl my hair before I ditch this set of 22 inches straight clip in hair extensions.

The shipping delivery is fast, taking me only 4 days to receive the hair.

The service in this on-line store is quite good, fast and detailed reply coming from the customer staff.

All in all, I satisfy with my shopping in wigs. But never time I will try human hair extensions instead of synthetic fiber ones.

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This was the first time I visited a physical store of hair extensions. Of course, it was much better than shopping on line as I can touch the extensions in person to have a better sense of the quality and I can make sure that I picked a right color matching to my natural hair. The staff in the shop was so nice. She introduced me extensions basing on my hair type and condition.  Beside, she told me in detail about how to apply the extensions by myself and how to take good care of my extensions and my hair.

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