synthetic fiber

16″ Loose Waves Clip-In Extension by Hairdo


I chose this set of 16″ loose waves clip in hair extensions because it was produced by Hairdo, one of my favorite hair extensions brand.

Admittedly, the quality of this one was as same as those I had had. Satisfying, of course. And it had a low price, costing me only $59.

But if you are looking for real human hair extensions, this one is not right for you, because of its being made of synthetic fiber, which means it can not be styled like human hair.

The shipping speed was acceptable, 6 days delivery. So sad that I could not enjoy the free shipping because it is only available for orders over $79.

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Stranded 18″ Heat Resistant Full Head Clip in Hair Extensions Review


Speaking of the advantages of this set of clip in hair extensions, I think its low price can be plus. It only costed me £16.99. I have kept the extensions since last Friday, and everything goes well now—Tangle free, smooth, shiny and be in shape. Additionally,  it blended well with my natural hair, and no one noticed that I wore hair extensions when I went out.

However, I don’t think it will last long and I won’t use it often. Synthetic fiber can not be washed so often, but I can not stand wearing dirty hair extensions. Although it is described as heat resistant, it looks too fragile to resist even low degree of heat. Besides, some clips are in poor design and they make me uneasy.

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