MelodySusie® High Quality Dark Brown Long Full Curly Wavy Glamour Hair Wig Fashion Review


Let me start by saying that, this is my first time ever buying or putting on a wig in my life.

I like it! I have no hair, I bleached it to death and just decided to shave it all off in an attempt to regrow my natural hair and have it be healthy again. I am a month in and I already miss having hair so I bought this.

I combed it out (the comb sucks) I gave up and did a big no no and brushed this sucker…some of the curls held up perfectly, some didn’t. If you like to flip your hair from side to side or play with it a lot(like I do)…prepare for ratty tangles. In my opinion, the tangles kind of make it look more like real hair, so that’s a good thing.

The part is a little funny, but nothing a cute head band or some distraction/styling can’t fix..I stuck a bow on it and called it a day ;) It’s really cute in a low pony tail, and the length was not outrageous (I am 5’1 it came down to about an inch above my belly button) but I trimmed it anyway to underboob length. I’m a short fat girl so it just made me look shorter and fatter at that length. This would be even cuter if it was cut into a bob. I might even buy another one just to do that. The hair is soft…but it doesn’t really feel like human hair, which is fine by me..it isn’t overly shiny like some wigs are. I’m a rambler so I’m just going to stop right here and make a pros/cons list to save us both some time.

Looks believable if you get it on your head just right and you’re not LOOKING for signs of a wig (aside from the part)
The length and curls are nice
The adjustable strap was fantastic ( I THOUGHT I had a big head, but I have it on the smallest setting and that is perfect)
Even when you brush it (violently) it holds up okay
The color was pretty ( I got dark brown, it’s more of a medium/dark)
Easy to throw in a low pony tail and forget it’s on your head.
Fast shipping
Decent packaging

Tangles easily
Strange part
A bit itchy, but this might not be avoidable (see above: Wig Virgin)
A bit hot (USE THE CAP) I have no hair and it still felt so much better with the cap on
Might have to trim
Sheds a little (but I’m pretty rough, so it could just be me going barbarian on it with my brush)

All in all, for the $18 I spent on my first wig, this was a great deal!

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100% Human Hair Sepia Long Wigs Capless Lovely Wigs Review


Thanks very much for your kindly and patiently replies, dear Grace. You are so nice. Every time I asked you any question, you could reply me quickly and patiently, with detail answers.

The 100% human hair Sepia Long Wig is really of high quality. The hair is just like my natural hair, and the size suits me very well. After I applied the wig to my head, it looked like my natural hair and the final result was quite satisfying. Because the texture is straight, it just takes me a few seconds to manage it after the applying. The shine and the color is just like what are shown in the picture above.

Besides, the price is so nice. It only took me $197.99 to buy the hair.

Only one thing tended to fade the purchasing–the shipping. But because the wig was crafted after order was placed, the order processing already took 5 days,  I waited for 8 days to receive the hair.


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Full Lace Human Hair Bob Wig Review


The full lace human wig came in a satisfying condition. I got the same hairstyle like the one in the picture above. I like the wig.

The wig  is easy to use and the size fits me very well. I can make sure ensure that it is made of real human hair as it looks beautiful and touches so soft.

Additionally, I am so pleased with its custmoer service. I would like to thanks Grace for her patient and nice replies every time.

I have kept the wig for about 2 months. So far, the hair keeps in good place, and I think it will be long lasting.

I like the wig, good quality and brings me so much compliment from my friends. I will buy my future wigs here if I need anyone.


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100% Human Hair Brown Medium Wavy / Curly Capless Wigs 15 Inch Review


I love the medium wavy wig. It is soft and beautiful. The hair I received is just like the one in the picture, shiny hair color and well designed texture. The size of it suits my head perfectly, neither too big nor too small. The hair of the wig is natural and beautiful, as same as my own hair. After I wore the wig, it seemed that I had my ugly hair styled into such a charming hairdo.

But because of its being packed inappropriately, I had to style the wig a little bit to restore its original shape.

I love the customer service guy in this online store so much. She is so nice and patient enough to reply all my questions quickly.

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Amber Large Wig by Jon Renau Review


Good quality wig, fashion style. And of course, high price.  I bought it at the price of $312.80.

Actually, I once bought another wig of Jon Renau 2 years ago. Although I have kept it for such a long time, it still kept in good shape. Maybe it is also because of my taking good care of it.

And this is my second wig of Jon Renau. I got it 1 month ago, and now it is also as same as a new one. So I think it is also a good choice to buy an expensive wig which is of high quality.

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Janet Collection Wig – Helen


It is the cheapest wig I have, only costing me US$27.95. I bought it for three reasons. First, cover my unsightly fresh hairdo. Second, I like its hairstyle. Third, its low price. It looked well on me and I have kept it for one month.  But I found some hair fall out of the wig cap. So if I look for a wig not for temporary use, I will not choose this one.

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Fashionable Wavy 100% Human Hair Natural Lace Wig about 14Inches


Nowadays wigs have become a fashion. If you want to give people a new look but don’t want to cut your long hair, then wigs is your best choice. That is also why I bought this Lace Wig. Among all the wigs, I think full lace wigs suit me the best. They are very natural and look like the hair growing out of my scalp.

Speaking of this wig, its size fit me well and the soft lace makes me feel nothing uneasy after putting it on. I like the hairstyle too, another reason for my purchasing. The wig is made from human hair, so it totally looks like I have shorten my long hair for this medium mess hairstyle. All in all, I like the wig.


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