22″ Straight Clip-in Extension by Hairdo Review


The hair is soft and tangle free, and its color is great. But the biggest disadvantage is its fake looking. I think it is kind of more shiny than my natural hair, and it looks like barbie hair a little bit. After I applied it to my natural hair, the two colors seemed not to blend well into each other.

But actually I can bear this kind of blending. Because it is made of synthetic fiber, I can not treat it like my natural hair. Therefore, I will never curl my hair before I ditch this set of 22 inches straight clip in hair extensions.

The shipping delivery is fast, taking me only 4 days to receive the hair.

The service in this on-line store is quite good, fast and detailed reply coming from the customer staff.

All in all, I satisfy with my shopping in wigs. But never time I will try human hair extensions instead of synthetic fiber ones.

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Tora – Glamazon


Actually I am not the buyer of this wig. The reason I post it here is that I don’t think the wigs on that on-line shop is credible. I have nothing to say about the product because I am not sure what exactly it is.

The design of the site is too simple. Only a few pictures of its products. No contact information, no exchange & return information, no shipping information. How can we ensure whether this shop exists or not? What if we pay but recieve no product? How can we get our money back? I clicked in the link of its facebook. Some posts are weird pictures which scared me a lot. I have no idea why a facebook featuring in product/service designs like that.

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